WBU athletics emphasis will benefit area service agencies

Release Date: September 10, 2009

PLAINVIEW – A new emphasis tracking the success of Wayland Baptist University’s many athletic programs will ultimately benefit many in the area through the Plainview Area United Way.

Called “Pioneers United,” the program provides a donation to the United Way based on various statistics by each of Wayland’s athletic teams. The better the teams perform, the more the United Way receives.

“We wanted a way to celebrate our student athletes in all our programs and to help the Plainview Area United Way above and beyond what our employees contribute through payroll deductions and Fair Share giving,” said Teresa Young, director of communications. “This seemed like an easy and fun way to follow our teams’ successes and help some very deserving agencies help more people in the Plainview area.”

The local United Way includes 13 agencies, with services ranging from child care and advocacy; health, fitness, social skills and character building; crisis intervention and addiction recovery; and educational organizations.

Along with the donations based on athletic statistics, Wayland will be offering special items at various sporting events for sale with proceeds going to the United Way. The Pioneers United t-shirt will be offered at the Plainview Pioneer Palooza on Saturday, Sept. 12, for $10 in various adult sizes as well as at several sporting events throughout the year.

For the fall term, donations are tied to Pioneer Volleyball’s kill count, with $1 for each kill earned by the kill leader of each match. To date, the volleyball team has racked up $52 over its first four games of the College of the Ozarks tournament held last weekend. Pioneer Soccer teams, both men and women, will be providing $1 per shot-on-goal throughout their season. So far, through five matches, the teams have donated $29 each for a total of $58.

Pioneer Golf, which plays through both fall and spring on women’s and men’s squads, will provide $1 per point on the team’s average score at events. Golf begins its season officially on Monday, Sept. 14 as they host the Peaks Classic in La Veta, Colo. The cross country team will earn donations for United Way by each point it scores at the national meets held at the end of its season.

In addition to Wayland sports, the university will be cheering on its Hale County high school football teams and adding $1 per extra point scored by Plainview, Hale Center, Abernathy and Petersburg on their 2009 seasons. To date, those schools have contributed around $15 overall through two weeks of high school play.

“We’re excited to be able to cheer on not only our great sports teams at Wayland but also the area teams as they hit the football fields,” Young added. “This will just add another dimension to our fundraising for the United Way and be fun for folks to follow.”

Exact totals will be announced at the conclusion of each sport’s seasons.