Everett challenges Wayland students 

Release Date: March 11, 2009    

PLAINVIEW – On a day when Wayland Baptist University celebrated its second straight NAIA Indoor Track and Field Women’s Championship, WBU students were challenged to press on toward their goal.

Dr. Randel Everett, Executive Director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, spoke at Wayland’s weekly chapel service Wednesday morning. Following the presentation of the national championship banner, Everett used Philippians 3 as his text to challenge students to find their “Kingdom assignment.”

Drawing allusions to athletic competition, Everett asked students to focus on what lies ahead and to continue striving toward their goals.

“I always hated track,” Everett said. “You just ran as hard as you can to get back to where you already were. But I was taught to never look back, to run through the tape and to run with the intent to win. Those are the types of leaders we need to rise up.”

Everett said students should set a goal to get to know Jesus. With that relationship will come the understanding of God’s plan for their lives.

“All things are brought together to be a part of God’s plan for your life,” Everett said.

He used the example of Dick Woodward who suffered from a degenerative spinal disorder that eventually left him as a quadriplegic. Although he couldn’t move, Woodward began compiling the Mini-Bible College, a devotional survey of the entire Bible.

“God put him on his back so the whole world would have access to his insight,” Everett said. He explained that knowing one’s “Kingdom assignment” is not necessarily easy, but it comes through a personal relationship with God. He said people can begin to understand their assignments by using their spiritual gifts, talents and abilities to glorify God.

“Ask God to show you your Kingdom assignment then hang in there,” he said. “God has prepared an assignment for you. I pray that you don’t miss it.”