School of Music earns 'Commended' accreditation membership

Release Date: July 1, 2009    

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University’s School of Music reached a milestone this week, earning full membership status with the National Association of Schools of Music, doing so in commended fashion.

Five years ago, the School of Music made a push to become individually accredited by the NASM. Once the school met the NASM standards, Wayland received associate membership status for a five-year period. The NASM is the national accrediting agency for schools of music. It is a peer-reviewed organization that seeks to maintain the highest standards of education within schools of music across the nation. There are approximately 615 schools nationwide accredited by the NASM.

“They look at our School of Music in its entirety as it relates to academic standards within our school, through the university as a whole, how we operate our School of Music from the equipment we use to the faculty credentials, finances and everything we do,” said Dr. Ann Stutes, Dean of the School of Music. “This is the highest possible accreditation a school can receive.”

Upon receiving associate membership status five years ago, the NASM set forth guidelines to make sure that the School of Music could maintain and improve on its standards. In its recent review of Wayland, the NASM stated, “The Commission commends the institution for its comprehensive and thorough Optional Response, which addressed all of the standards issues raised by the visitors as well as nearly all of the visitor’s recommendations. The Commission further commends the music unit for its considerable progress and growth since its previous Commission review.”

Stutes said the positive review was the result of a lot of hard work on the part of every employee within the School of Music.

“Everything they pointed out five years ago that was an area of concern, or something we needed to tend to, we did it and we did it well,” Stutes said. She said this is a culmination of a vision set forth by her predecessor, Dr. Carl Moman, who saw the need for accreditation and sought administrative approval to pursue the goal. For the last three years, the School of Music has worked diligently to make sure everything was prepared for the NASM commission’s return visit. With the full membership, Dr. Stutes said Wayland is now on equal standing with the best schools of music across the country.

The Wayland School of Music will now be placed on a regular accreditation visit cycle through which the school will maintain its fully accredited status.