Scholastic Art Competition, West Texas Regional Winners by School

Release Date: January 28, 2009    

Schools are listed alphabetically, with Gold Key and Silver Key winning entries listed along with pieces. Honorable Mention pieces are at the end of each school’s list, but due to the enormous number of such pieces, only the student’s name is listed.

Brownfield High School: Gold Keys: Matthew Dohm, 10, “Matthew Mysterious;” Stephen Limon, 12, drawing, “Infatuation;” Andy Mendoza, 9, drawing, “The One and Only Andy;” Ruby Rodriguez, 12, drawing, “½ of M3;” Ruby Rodriguez, 12, drawing, “M3;” Michael Trejo, 12, drawing, “Sonny No More;” Silver Keys: Joshua Suarez, 10, drawing, “Di$c0mBobuL@te;” Ramon Alaniz, 11, drawing, “Kut Your Hair!;” Joshua Suarez, 10, drawing, “The Other Side;” Tanner Contreras, 11, drawing, “Who Framed Me?;” Honorable Mention: Danielle Lopez, Stephen Limon, Matthew Dohm, Joshua Suarez, Ricky Lopez, Ruby Rodriguez, Emilio Mojica, Eli Garcia, Shelby Skaggs, Stephen Limon

Byron Martin Technology Center, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Peyton Oldham, 11, computer art, “Particle;” Silver Keys:  Jonathon Murphy, 12, computer art, “Untitled;” Dawson Land, 11, computer art, “Framework;” Wilson Vilegas, 11, computer art, “Rainbow Vortex;” Honorable Mention: Jennifer Wang, Adam Rickman, Julie Fisher, Amanda Claiborne, Lindsey Eubank, Katelyn Ortiz, Menaka Yadav, Joseph Harper, Easton Brickland, Stephen Gundlach, Jennifer Wang, Austin Fowler, Peyton Oldham, Savannah Wood, Dawson Land, Aaron Hays, Heath McCasland

Coronado High School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Alina Drigalenko, 12, painting, “Cynic;” Davis Fleming, 9, sculpture, “Yellow Brick Road;” Mollie Carmona, 11, sculpture, “Fish Out of Water;” Jessica Spears, 11, painting, “Duality;” John Dillan, 12, drawing, “Untitled 1;” Jon Murphy, 12, graphic design, “Pollution;” Colton Galvan, 12, drawing, “The Other Me;” Silver Keys: Madison Dunn, 11, mixed media, “untitled 1;” Paula Matsler, 12, ceramics, “Floral;” Erica Bevers, 12, drawing, “Bloom;” Vera Zhang, 11, painting, “Sunflower;” Raven Stapleton, 10, drawing, “Emergence;” Allie Fleming, 11, drawing, “Howdy Howdy;” John Gordon, 10, printmaking, “Mumia;” Mari Willcox, 11, drawing, “Pastel Close;” Honorable Mention: Meghan Stennet, Tim Heartsuck, Raenee Wildman, Diana Savage, Lindsay Eubank, Jared Tree

Crosbyton High School: Silver Keys: Alexsandra Sanchez, 9, painting, “Moon lite landscape;” Amanda Munoz, 10, photography-digital, “Yucca Pods;” Amanda Munoz, 10, photography-digital, “Spring at Silver Falls;” Kelly Munoz, 10, photography-digital, “Blue Dragon Flys;” Amanda Shrum, 12, photography-digital, “Shela and Wall;” Amanda Shrum, 12, photography-digital, “The Wall;” Alexandra Sanchez, 9, photography-digital, “Girl in a Fence;” Kelly Munoz, 10, photography-digital, “Mushrooms on a Log;” Justin Aguayo, 12, photography-digital, “Waterfall on White River;” Justin Aguayo, 12, photography-digital, “Tree Sap;” Kelly Munoz, 10, photography-digital, “Queen of the Dance;” Amanda Shrum, 12, photography-digital, “Window of Morning Glory;” Amanda Shrum, 12, photography-digital, “Truck;” Casey Stegall, 11, mixed media, “Mask in Frame;” Honorable Mention: Casery Stegall, Leah Pina, Taylor Anderson, Courtney Stephenson, Megan Morales, Jason Guerra, Andrew Bogart, Kelly Munoz, Amanda Shrum, Amanda Munoz,

Crosbyton Middle School: Silver Keys:  Julio Calderon, 8, drawing, “Figures 2;” Julio Calderon, 8, drawing, “Figures 1;” Kayla Moreno, 8, drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Amanda Bogart, 8, photography-digital, “Windpower;” Julio Calderon, 8, drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Alfie Favela, 8, photography-digital, “My Dad on a Horse;” Matthew Castillo, 7, photography-digital, “White Flowers;” Samantha De La Garza, 8, photography-digital, “Poison Ivy;” Brenner Fox, 8, photography-digital, “Rock in Caprock Canyon;” Amanda Bogart, 8, photography-digital, “Thunderhead Windpower;” Samantha De La Garza, 8, photography-digital, “Thorns;” Honorable Mention: Macayla Williams, Julio Calderon, Kayla Moreno, Samantha De la Garza, Victoria Vasquez

Denver City High School: Silver Keys: Reyna Saenz, 12, painting, “Wildlife;” Paola Loya, 10, photography-digital, “Into the Blue;” Alexis Summers, 11, drawing, “Dad's Windmill;” Julianne Perez, 10, photography-digital, “Unraveled;” Honorable Mentions: Bailey Allen, Christopher Gonzales, Paola Loya, Daniel Serrator, Zach Ramon, Breeann David, Jessica Saenz, Poala Loya, Carly Rollins, Storrie Weeks

Ed Irons Middle School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Ashley Shelton, 8, drawing, “Shy Converse;” Shayla Miller, 8, drawing, “Two Unusual Love Birds;” Silver Keys: Ashley Shelton, 8, sculpture, “Nuclear Reactor of Art;” Cole Adams, 8, painting, “Lobster;” Nate Hudson, 8, drawing, “View from the other side;” Shayla Miller, 8, drawing, “Reflection in the pool;” Karissa Marks, 8, drawing, “Tortuga;” Kasey Graham, 8, drawing, “Hidden in the Mirror.” Honorable Mention: Zeppelin Barron, Morgan Byrd

Estacado Junior High, Plainview: Gold Key: Letti Cheyne, 8, photography-digital, “When I Grow Up;” Silver Keys: Uriel Granados, 8, painting, “Mane Idea;” Lluvia Lujan, 8, painting, “School Shoe;” Honorable Mentions: John Figeroa, Skyler Patino, Adrienne Gomez, Brianne Sanchez, Ashley Olivo

Estacado High School, Lubbock: Gold Key: Roy Ochoa, 12, painting, “Self-Portrait;” Silver Key: Cameron Mooring, 11, painting, “Blue Mood;” Stephanie Garcia, 12, painting, “Self-Portrait;” Jovon Anderson, 12, painting, “Smashed Pumpkins;” Honorable Mentions: Ernest Meza, Daniel Monterroso, Erica Vasquez, Eduardo Cantu, Cameron Mooring, Xavier Rainwater

Floydada High School: Gold Keys: Lyndee Smith, 9, drawing, “Love & Happiness Forever;” Lindsey Beedy, 11, drawing, “Makenzie;” Lindsey Beedy, 11, drawing, “Disturbia;” Silver Keys: Juan Rodriguez, 10, ceramics, “The Player;” Jessica Prisk, 11, painting, “Dust of a Butterfly's Wing;” Joey Martinez, 11, printmaking, “Punish the Deed not the Breed;” Leslie Gonzalez, 11, printmaking, “Emotions;” Blanca Suarez, 11, drawing, “Crazy Eyes.” Honorable Mentions: Jessica Prisk, Teddy Summers, Freddy Castillo, William Hill, Jessica Prisk, Hannah Griffin, Jay Potts, Michael Sanchez, Crystal Foster, Ricky Gonzalez, Lindi Smith

Frenship High School, Wolfforth: Gold Keys: Eric Ladd, 12, mixed media, “Coffee Composition;” Kalani Watson, 11, painting, “Screaming Girl;” Eric Ladd, 12, drawing, “Psychedelic Blender;” Erich Leeth Holterhoff, 12, printmaking, “Self-Portrait of Gloom;”  Hannah Garbutt, 12, digital photography, “Michail;” Moses Lee, 11, drawing, “Abstract Fish;” Edward Garza, 12, digital photography, “The Boy;” Alicia Kalani Watson, 11, digital photography, “Secret Life of the Kandi Kid;” James Betenbough, 11, digital photography, “Untitled;” Alicia Kalani Watson, 11, digital photography, “Captivated;” Miranda Rosales, 11, mixed media, “Ne-Yo;” Kalani Watson, 11, painting, “Fish Metamorphosis;” Jordan Watts, 10, drawing, “Barney Fife;” Tyler Bramlett, 12, ceramics, “Tin Mans Tea;” Eric Ladd, 12, ceramics, “Metamorphosis;” Erica Pace, 12, ceramics, “Inner Beast;” Tyler Bramlett, 12, ceramics, “Stacking Chawans;” Eric Ladd, 12, portfolio; Kate Noble, 12, portfolio; Silver Keys: Stephanie Carter, 12, ceramics, “The Great Acorn Set;” Tyler Bramlett, 12, ceramics, “Viking Teapot;” Eric Ladd, 12, ceramics, “Serendipitous Pedestal with Bowl;” Moses Lee, 11, mixed media, “Haunted Little Sister;” Eric Ladd, 12, painting, “Intoxicated Chunkster;” Holly Cooke, 11, photography-digital, “Clarinet;” Rachel Young, 11, painting, “Through the Looking Glass;” Codey Taylor, 11, mixed media, “Good Morning;” Rachel Gilliland, 11, drawing, “Elephant;” Erich Leeth Holterhoff, 12, drawing, “Yellow Shoe;” Jordan Watts, 10, drawing, “Abstract Skull;” Holly Cooke, 11, photography-digital, “Flower;” Edward Garza, 12, photography-digital, “Discovery;” James Betenbough, 11, photography-digital, “Sunday Afternoons;” John Cruz, 12, photography-digital, “Without Expression;” Emily Mann, 11, photography-digital, “Materialism;” Cody Sloan, 10, photography-digital, “Color of Christmas;” Dominique Hightower, 12, painting, “Candy Machine;” Stephanie Carter, 12, painting, “Paint Bottles;” Patrick Lara, 12, drawing, “Abstract Skull;” Travis Hector, 11, drawing, “Popular Demand;” Honorable Mention: Eric Ladd, Jace Morse, Jordan Watts, Andrew Carrizales, Shelby Reynolds, Taylor Anderson, Laura Skovbjerg, Ashley Hogan, Morgan Madry, Meagan Washburn, Ashley Holder, Rachel Gillilland, Taylor Hendrix, Justin Perea, Erica Pace, Dominique Hightower, Kandy Vizza

Hale Center High School: Silver Key: Paul Barrientos, 10, drawing, “Contemplative Objects.” Honorable Mention: Audrianna Boones

Levelland High School: Silver Keys: Melissa Sales, 12, drawing, “Untitled;” Melissa Sales, 12, drawing, “Social Issue #1;” Susan Duff, 12, digital photography, “The Pieces of My Life.” Honorable Mention: Gene Burton, Susan Duff, Melissa Salas, Samantha Jeter, Vicky Weiyi

Lubbock Cooper High School: Gold Key: Vincent Kolb, 11, printmaking, “Three Times Me;” Silver Keys: Brandi Guevara, 11, ceramics, “Rebel;”Vincent Kolb, 11, painting, “Junior Year Self.” Honorable Mention: Alexandra Alvarado, Kristin Mazurek, Francois Michau, Brandi Guevara, Ashley Ham

Lubbock Cooper Junior High: Gold Keys: Michael Prieto, 8, drawing, “Life or Death;” Garrett McKinney, 7, ceramics, “The Divided Creation;” Adrian Smith, 8, drawing, “Pride;” Nina Rodgers, 7, painting, “Spook;” Silver Keys: Shelby Austin, 7, painting, “Different People;” Delaney Oursbourn , 8, painting, “Happy Colors;” Adrian Smith, 8, painting, “Paradise.” Honorable Mention: Nina Rodgers, Candelario Frausto, Tara Caminade

Lubbock High School: Gold Keys: Elizabeth Grimmett, 11, drawing, “Fillange Trees;” Meredith Fields, 12, painting, “Carnivale;” Samantha Gaitan, 12, painting, “The Epic Battle Between Day and Night;” Cassy Portwood, 11, painting, “Dia de los Muertos;” Katharine Glasheen, 12, mixed media, “Fishy Fish;” Steven Feldman, 12, painting, “Exposure to Technology at a Young Age Has Killed My Brain;” Samantha Gaitan, 12, painting, “The Declassification of Nonsense;” Samantha Gaitan, 12, painting, “Evil Likes to Sun Bathe Sometimes;” Silver Keys: Steven Feldman, 12, graphic, “There's A Circular Hallway Inside The Rabbit Hole;” Tejshri Gohel, 11, jewelry, “The Hush Sound;” Elizabeth Grimmett, 11, painting, “Spirit Tree;” Lkhamdegd Enkhbaatar, 12, drawing, “Go Figure;” Erica Macias, 11, drawing, “A Night From The Heaven Above;” Matthew Sanchez, 11, drawing, “His Eye And Angry Octopi;” Marii Malagayo, 12, mixed media, “My rooms alive;” Jessica Carr, 12, drawing, “Dots and Dashes;” Meredith Fields, 12, painting, “Angels;” Robert Higgins, 12, drawing, “The Modern Southwestern Creation;” Gabrielle Castillo, 12, digital photography, “Ayla;” Aaron Brown, 12, mixed media, “Bad Trip;” Amy Fillipp, 11, painting, “The Old West;” Jessica Carr, 12, painting, “Fractured Space.” Honorable Mention: Amy Fillipp, Elizabeth Grimmett, Tabatha Smith, Edolio Hernandez, Veronica Rodriguez, Ne "Ryan" Thomas, Chris "William" Brogan, Eric Hernandez, Erica Sanchez, William Reed, Samantha Gaitan, Constance Schmitz-Mousaol, Aaron Brown, Julia Ho, Hayley Williams, Andy Herrera, Katy Holladay

Monterey High School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Sarai Sabinas, 12, painting, “Sing Along;” Keeley Brock, 12, jewelry, “Gaudy Love;” Julie Fisher, 12, painting, “Storming Tree;” Julie Fisher, 12, drawing, “Half of Two Streets;” Lindsay Archer, 11, jewelry, “Coleman;” Keeley Brock, 12, jewelry, “One Winged Situation;” Bobby Carol McLane, 12, painting, “Walking After Midnight;” Bobby Carol McLane, 12, painting, “Dream Willow;” Julie Fisher, 12, portfolio; Bobby Carol McLane, 12, portfolio; Keeley Brock, 12, portfolio; Gary Skinner, 12, portfolio; Sarai Sabinas, 12, portfolio; Erica Nieblas, 12, portfolio; Silver Keys: Randy Naranjo, 11, ceramics, “Teapot ‘Tuanis;’” Lindsay Archer, 11, jewelry, “Energy;” Ryan Harlan, 12, drawing, “Junk 82;” Alexis Arroyo, 10, drawing, “looking beyond the obvious;” Julie Fisher, 12, drawing, “Lothlorian;” Gary Skinner, 12, jewelry, “A-Cross-Time;” Patric Estrada, 10, drawing, “The Cubist Frog;” Christopher Marin, 9, drawing, “Design;” Ambar Dominguez, 10, drawing, “Lines that Work;” Sarai Sabinas, 12, painting, “Fire with passion;” Bobby Carol McLane, 12, painting, “Black Cherry Blossom.” Honorable Mentions: Eric Montanez, Keeley Brock, Lindsay Archer, Meagan Taylor, Julie Fisher, Tyler Hickman, Alexis Arroyo, Erica Abesamisf, Edgar Delgado, Joseph Jaramillo, Krystal Veanueva, Jonathon Brian, Bobby Carol McLane, Dominique Cedillo, Chelsea Monroe

New Deal High School: Silver Keys: Alexa Collinson, 12, digital photography, “From the Other Side;” Alexa Collinson, 12, drawing, “Famous on Fire.” Honorable Mention: Matt Upchurch, Sabrina Cantu

Olton High School: Silver Keys: Rebekah Stanfield, 11, painting, “Calm Sea;” Angelica Jalomo, 12, drawing, “Funny Shoes.” Honorable Mentions: Tommy Lee Guerrero, Tony Hernandez, Colby Catlett, Javier Villanueva, Maria Rodriguez, Mercedes Peralez, Rebekah Stanfield

Plainview Christian Academy: Gold Keys: Kathryn Cummins, 10, drawing, “Blue to the Sixth;” Kelby Bice, 8, digital imagery, “Hoop it Up;” Shelby Maresca, 8, painting, “Cristen;” Katie Jo Bice, 11, painting, “Amazing Grace;” Silver Keys: Derek Harrell, 11, sculpture, “I Like My Eggsalad w/Cerulean Blue;” Katie Jo Bice, 11, painting, “Oh Georgia;” Kameron Richards, 12, sculpture, “Life is Short - Art is Long;” Chandra Harrell, 10, painting, “Grace;” Braden Graves, 7, drawing, “John Deer Chair;” Shelby Maresca, 8, painting, “Seeing Through;” Kelby Bice, 8, photography-digital, “Rearview;” Derek Harrell, 11, photography-digital, “My Face In Your Old Rear…View Mirror;” Kyle Wiggs, 8, drawing, “Imagination #2;” Cristen Bothwell, 8, drawing, “Wheat Vase;” Christian Leal-Cruz, 7, drawing, “Shotput;” Jennifer Cummins, 7, drawing, “Cristen;” Kelby Bice, 8, photography-digital, “Tree @ Night;” Shelby Maresca, 8, photography-digital, “Looking Up;” Shelby Maresca, 8, photography-digital, “The Turmonds;” Chandra Harrell, 10, sculpture, “On Second Thought Don’t Put That In Your Pipe & Smoke It;” Jared Haines, 8, video and film, “Bionicle Weird;” Derek Harrell, 11, video and film, “Brendon the Great Omnivore.” Honorable Mentions: Chandra Harrell, Macy Bennett, Kathryn Cummins, Justin Perez, Derek Harrell, Audrey Sisemore, Jennifer Cummins, Edgar Martinez, Rachel Masten, Christian Leal-Cruz, Kelby Bice, Braden Graves

Plainview High School: Gold Keys: Kelly Montalvo, 12, painting, “Artist's Musicians;” Vanessa Ceniceros, 12, ceramics, “Desert Blizzard;” Tabitha Davies, 10, drawing, “The Shape of Growth;” Rosie White, 12, ceramics, “Swirling Coils;” Kieran Howe, 11, ceramics, “Shirt;” Nathan Armecin, 12, drawing, “Entwined;” Meagan Gausin, 12, painting, “Peace in My Chaos;” Josh Portillo, 11, painting, “Shoes;” Silver Keys: Maricela Guerra, 12, ceramics, “Summer Leaves;” Zach Baker, 11, drawing, “Hammered Forest;” Karina Luevano, 12, drawing, “Goose;” Kelly Montalvo, 12, drawing, “Sunset Lake;” Brandi Romero, 11, digital imagery, “Watertower - Old Time Tradition;” Sam King, 12, digital imagery, “Old House, Old Street, Old Truck - Whoa!;” Stephanie Williams, 12, digital imagery, “Life's Refreshments;” Megan Blackwell, 12, digital imagery, “Thoughts on A Friday Afternoon;” Jaime Vaquera, 11, drawing, “Study from Diego Valesquez;” Kendra McDonough, 10, printmaking, “The Sentinel;” Jessica Castro, 12, drawing, “Old Service Station;” Kendra McDonough, 10, printmaking, “The Line-Up;” Celeste Gonzales, 11, ceramics, “Down Life;” Beatrice Luna, 10, sculpture, “Mother and Child;” Lori Morris, 10, ceramics, “Spirits.” Honorable Mention: Kolton Owen, Katie Escobar, Kristy Hernandez, Rebeka Salazar, April Salazar, Stephanie Williams, Caleb Herrera, James Rodriguez, Jessi Cheyne, Stephanie Williams, Alyssa Bradley, Elizabeth Orozco, Jeff Home, Cody Ballard, Zarin Sotelo, Victor Hernandez, Alicia Chavarria, Kendra McDonough, Monique Moreno, Tiffany Dominguez, Kiely Borchardt, Lori Morris, David Pacheco, Rosie White

Shallowater High School: Gold Keys: Eric Simpson, 12, product, “For Your Kingdom, For Your Glory;” Caity Fritz, 8, plans/models, “Contemporary Stone & Wood House;” Eric Simpson, 12, mixed media, “Angle of Perception;” Jeremy Chaney, 12, drawing, “Life of a Tagger;” Eric Simpson, 12, mixed media, “Savannah with me;” Mica McGuire, 10, sculpture, “Rough Road to Victory;” Eric Simpson, 12, video and film, “Stick Man;” Eric Simpson, 12, portfolio; Chance Dempsey, 12, photography portfolio; Amy White, 12, photography portfolio; Silver Keys: Amy White, 12, sculpture, “Abused and Over Used;” Kenzi Callaway, 9, photography-digital, “Exposed;” Lauren Fritz, 10, painting, “Becoming Like Them;” Eric Simpson, 12, drawing, “Feed My Sheep;” Eric Simpson, 12, drawing, “Memory Loss;” Matt Darden, 11, graphic, “Cover for basketball program;” Matt Darden, 11, graphic, “The Cross/Design for Church Bulletin cover;” Eric Simpson, 12, mixed media, “Dane.” Honorable Mention: Ashlin Jordan, Kenzi Callaway, Eric Simpson, Amy White, William Dempsey, Savannah Jones

Shallowater Middle School: Gold Keys: Lupe Islas, 7, drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Jaleel Campbell, 8, drawing, “It's Who I Am;” Kaegan Cunningham, 8, graphic, “Seven Deadly Sins;” Chris Hurtado, 8, drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Rosalinda Vasquez, 7, foam board print, “Daily Chores;” Devin Hodges, 8, drawing, “My Busy Mind;” Zach Strickland, 7, graphic, “Strength;” Silver Keys: Chris Ramos, 8, drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Eden Montalvo, 7, drawing, “I See You;” Sterling Fensterbush, 7, drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Ryan Rhodes, 7, drawing, “Self-Portrait;” Tyler Sturdivant, 8, drawing, “What I Am;” Cole Nelson, 8, drawing, “My Life;” Kolton Pirkle, 8, drawing, “Alternate Ego;” Cole Nelson, 8, graphic, “Infected;” Jessica Wagner, 8, graphic, “When Creativity Goes;” Venus Garcia, 8, graphic, “When Does the Hurting Stop?;” Ryan Rhodes, 7, printmaking, “Eiffel Tower;” Honorable Mention: Leah Ortiz, Tyler Sturdivant, Devin Hodges, Tyler Sturdivant, Andrew Ramon, Micah Bailey, Monique Ortiz, Cameron Knight, Kennedy Wiley, Adrianna Collazo, Jarod Willamson

Slaton Junior High School: Gold Keys: Ana Saenz, 7, drawing, “Magnolia;” Paul Schafroth, 8, drawing, “Red Flower;” Paul Schafroth, 8, drawing, “Red Paul;” Silver Keys: Emily Bocanegra, 8, drawing, “Emily;” Davis Wilson, 8, drawing, “Blue Flower;” Alondra Camargo, 8, drawing, “Lilly;” Davis Wilson, 8, drawing, “Blue Davis;” Cruz Vasquez, 9, drawing, “Boo!!;” Honorable Mention: Ana Saenz, Joseph Diaz, Jordyn Taylor

Slaton High School: Gold Keys: Hana Nutt, 12, mixed media, “Boats in the Mist,” Andie Salinas, 12, sculpture, “Bold Statement;” Silver Keys: Matthew Rodriguez, 11, drawing, “Hypnotized;” Sheldon Enloe, 11, drawing, “Patriotic Reflections;” Andie Salinas, 12, drawing, “The Value of Art;” Kandyce Henzier, 11, mixed media, “Picasso in Pieces;” Honorable Mention: Ashton Petties, JC Bentancourt, Leslie Arenivas, Ana Uribe, Brittany Griffith

Sudan High School: Gold Keys: Preston Kleman, 12, jewelry, “Cross & Circle;” Fahron Nolte, 11, mixed media, “Peek-a-Boo;” Luke Tiller, 7, painting, “Luke;” Silver Keys: Chris Richards, 12, sculpture, “Two-Faced Dilemma;” Cesar Medrano, 8, product, “Circle Basket;” LaShea Weaver, 9, ceramics, “Shadows on the Wall;” Amanda Neal, 12, jewelry, “Fantasy;” Katherine Gutierrez, 11, mixed media, “Just Swinging;” Honorable Mention: Amber Conley, Trever Thompson, Matthew Martinez, Brenda Alcaraz, Carina Hernandez, Gaby Estrada, Amy Tiller, Mecca Dodd

Sundown High School: Gold Keys: Bryan Redden, 11, drawing, “Deserted;” Lacy Lipes, 12, sculpture, “Wipe Out;” Silver Keys: Marissa Garcia, 11, drawing, “Sapo Verde;” Ashley Gatewood, 11, drawing, “Landscape;” Mackinzie Arellano, 11, drawing, “Bird on Thistle;” Samantha Bailey, 10, drawing, “Waterfall;” Honorable Mention: Eric Paiz, Dillon Bailey, Richard Castillo, Ruby Jacquez, Tim Rodriguez, Tori Strickland, Dawn Bevers, Kavin Comer, Joshua Hodge, Trevor Priest, Aaron Foshee

Terra Vista Middle School, Wolfforth: Gold Keys: Hailey Baize, 7, drawing, “Chipper;” James Cobb, 8, drawing, “The Woven Tiger;” Aileen Taylor, 8, drawing, “Ghostly Beauty;” Daren Vela, 8, painting, “Grim Reaper;” Daren Vela, 8, drawing, “Me and the Guitar;” Monique Garcia, 8, painting, “Emotions;” Silver Keys: Krystal Sager, 8, product, “Spiraling Out of Control;” Miguel Luna, 7, sculpture, “Goop;” Jayde Sherbert, 7, painting, “Mystic Dragon;” Krystal Sager, 8, painting, “Colorful Crazy Person;” Joseph Aguirre, 8, drawing, “Happy Time;” Joseph Aguirre, 8, mixed media, “Inside Out Waves;” Aileen Taylor, 8, drawing, “Ferociously Random;” Elena Cleavelin, 8, painting, “Me Being Funny;” Krystal Sager, 8, drawing, “Majestic Masaii;” Jacob Richardson, 8, drawing, “Sylvia 2;” Ashley Barney, 7, drawing, “The Furious Jaguar;” Natasha Hallberg, 7, drawing, “The Yawning Lion;” Feidy Meredith, 7, drawing, “Woven Animal;” Honorable Mention: Alissa Trigo, Jena Tatum, Natalia Vela, Lauren Williams, Kenneth Tam, Jared Shelton, Katherine Rapp, Selena Llanas, Tyler Houck, Kim Hancock, Persophone Guitron

Trinity Christian School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Sunni Zamora, 7, apparel, “Woven Bag;” Amelia Morales, 12, mixed media, “Paz;” Max Upp, 10, ceramics, “Melted;” Katie Potts, 8, ceramics, “Arf!” Kathleen Felty, 11, painting, “The Charleston;” Nikki House, 8, painting, “Laugh a Little;” Silver Keys: Travis King, 12, ceramics, “Clay & Copper;” Travis King, 12, ceramics, “Apollo;” Sydney Wilson, 10, painting, “Through the air;” Jared Brandon, 11, painting, “Monument Valley;” Tiffany Garrett, 11, painting, “Close Encounter;” Amelia Morales, 12, painting, “Sofi, Not Again!;” Amelia Morales, 12, drawing, “Loving Smile;” Keedra Wilsford, 10, painting, “Leaving Home;” Zoe Walkup, 8, painting, “Hand from Heaven;” Regina Tardy, 8, drawing, “Joyful;” Honorable Mentions: Travis King, Amelia Morales, Sydney Wilson, Lindsey Schneider, Zoe Walkup, Echo Moore, Taylor Cox, Will Becker, Keifer Dalton, Colton Eaton, Kenzie Long, Kale Wilsford, Addison Womack, Bailey Haist, Marc Schneider, Megan Hogan, Jonathan Toti, Kylie Crawford