Professor challenges others to Discover Joy

Release Date: February 12, 2009    

HAWAII – Wayland Baptist University professor Dr. Joy Bodzioch has just published a new book in which she shares her “secret” and challenges others to Discover Joy – Well-Being God’s Way.

With 25 years experience as an author, educator and speaker, Bodzioch has chronicled her journey of self discovery and how God’s inspiration and intervention has led her to find the biblical path to true well-being that she describes as fulfillment, inner peace and “vibrant mental health.”

Driven by her desire to help other find inner joy, Bodzioch completed a doctorate in psychology in the 1970s. She spent the next 40 years watching people who were trying to live according to God’s word but didn’t seem to find happiness or contentment. In 1994 she rededicated her life to God and nearly 10 years later began working on her book that she hopes give a concise step-by-step plan for achieving a life full of joy. Discover Joy shows how the Fruits of the Spirit grow when one lives the seminal teachings of Jesus and provides evidence of the New Testament as a reliable guide to greater inner peace and health. Bodzioch completed the book in 2008 and in January, it was released to the church market through Discipleship Publications International. The book can be ordered from the publisher at It will be made available at major bookstores in July.