Buildings hold a story of their own

Many of the buildings on the Plainview campus are named for people who supported the school with donations to make the building possible or in honor of those who served Wayland. Here is the "rest of the story" behind the buildings.

  • Gates Hall: Built in 1910, Gates Hall was named for Dr. I.E. Gates, the school's first president and an avid recruiter.
  • Matador Hall: Matador Hall, built in 1909 as the first building on campus, was named for the First Baptist Church in Matador, who donated funds to complete it.
  • Nunn Business Building: Nunn Business Building was originally built in 1929 as a gymnasium, named for donor J. Lindsey Nunn, a local supporter.
  • McDonald Hall: Built in 1947, McDonald Hall was named for Dr. George McDonald, the university's fifth president and one of the longest tenured leaders.
  • Fleming-Mays Tower: Fleming-Mays Hall, a women's residence hall, was named for its donors. W.A. Mays funded half in honor of his wife, and Bessie Fleming Hall was funded by donors Mr. and Mrs. William Fleming.
  • Ferguson Hall: Built in 1954, Hattie Mays Ferguson Hall was named for Mrs. Jim Ferguson of Evanston, Ill., who donated the funding with her husband.
  • Brotherhood Hall: Brotherhood Hall, built in 1957, was named for the Baptist Brotherhood of districts 8, 9, and 10, who provided the funding for the men's dormitory.
  • Flores Bible Building: The Flores Bible Building was named for Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Flores of Tulia, who gave the funds in 1959.
  • Caprock Complex: The men's suite residence hall is comprised of Atwood Hall, built in 1967 and named for Dr. E. B. Atwood, the fourth president, and Marshall Hall, built in 1980 and named for Dr. Bill Marshall, president from 1947-53. Funding was also provided by the Caprock Plains Baptist Association.
  • Pioneer Hall, a men's dormitory on the north side of the campus, was originally built in 1948 as the president's home, then converted to the Office of Alumni Services in 1990 and to dorms in 2004.
  • Harral Memorial Auditorium was built in 1971 with donations from Mrs. John L. Harral of Abernathy, a WBU alum.
  • The Moody Science Building was built in 1970 with major gifts from the Moody Foundation in Galveston. It houses the science and math departments.
  • McClung Center was named for Dr. Roy C. McClung, who led the school from 1963-81, and his wife Janelle, and built in 1982.
  • Hutcherson Center, Wayland's athletic facility, was built in 1971 with gifts provided in part by Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hutcherson, longtime supporters of the women's basketball team and other local friends.
  • Owen Hall women's dormitory, built in 1961, was named in honor of Dr. A. Hope Owen, Wayland's 7th president..
  • David & Myrt Wilder Field was named for the local residents who both raised and contributed funds for the ballpark.
  • J.V. Hilliard Field was named for a former WBU track coach in his honor.
  • The Pete and Nelda Laney Student Activities Center, the newest building on campus, was dedicated in 2008 and named for longtime Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Pete Laney of Hale Center and his wife.