Chemistry department to offer labs for homeschool students

PLAINVIEW – Faculty and students at Wayland Baptist University are offering their knowledge once more for area high school homeschooled students to participate in chemistry lab exercises to enhance their studies. The first session begins Sept. 26.

In its sixth year, the Plainview Area Home School Education Partnership, or PAHSEP, offers students a chance to complete laboratory experiments that tie into their curriculum and enhance their learning with hands-on projects, all in the safety of a college chemistry lab with trained faculty.

Dr. Joel Boyd, associate professor of chemistry at Wayland, organizes the program and leads the sessions, and students in the Student Affiliates Chapter of the American Chemical Society volunteer as lab assistants. The program is meant to add to the students’ experience and knowledge, not replace it.

“The PAHSEP program in no way replaces home-based instruction, but the addition of laboratory exercises will greatly enhance the text-based studies,” Boyd said. “There is no better way to learn and understand science than by doing it.”

The lab sessions are offered one Friday each month through the academic year, with labs chosen to complement the order of material presented in the A Beka curriculum, though those using other curricula would still benefit. As with all Wayland classes, the tone and content of all material will be unapologetically Christian, using a scientific study of the creation with a Biblical viewpoint.

Cost for the program is $80 per student for the year, which covers materials used by students during the labs. The program must have at least four students and space is limited. The cost may be split into two $40 payments, one at the beginning of the lab year and one in January 2009.

Specific dates and times for labs, as well as a registration form, safety form and general information, can be found on the Wayland Web site by logging onto and searching for PAHSEP. Students will be responsible for preparing for the lab work, though a brief lecture will introduce the labs. All forms must be signed by parents and students.

For more information, contact Boyd at 291-1125.