Second Wayland cancellation features holiday greetings

PLAINVIEW – The second in a series of three postal cancellations marking the Centennial Celebration at Wayland Baptist University will be released on Dec. 1, 2008, featuring a holiday greeting. 

The cancellation mark includes the silhouette of stately Gates Hall, the administration building at Wayland which has stood as a symbol of the university nearly since its chartering in 1908. Begun in 1909, the building was completed in 1911 shortly after the first school year ended. From that point on, the building housed everything from offices to classrooms to a dining hall and recreation area (in the lower basement). Its third floor was even home to dormitory space for men, then women, before the university added other dormitories besides Matador Hall.

In addition to the recognizable, columned icon, the cancellation has the phrase “Merry Christmas from Wayland Baptist University.”

“We felt like any cancellation series had to include Gates Hall since it is such a recognizable building for all of our alums and local friends,” said Hope English, chair of the Centennial Celebration. “We felt like the holidays was a great time to use that and send best wishes for the season to the community and our friends. It’s a great cancellation to use for your Christmas cards as well.”

The Dec. 1 cancellation will be available for one month through the Plainview Post Office, located downtown at 725 Ash, during their regular business hours. Pieces may also be mailed to the Post Office within the month from outside locations to receive the special cancellation. Pieces must already have postage on them or include money to cover postage. There is no charge for the cancellation itself.