WBU student group organizing corporate spelling bee event

Release Date: March 13, 2008

PLAINVIEW – Sweating palms, quickening heartbeats and fast thinking are nothing new to students who participate in the National Spelling Bee every year. Now, a student organization at Wayland Baptist University is giving local adults a chance to experience the same phenomenon.

Kappa Delta Pi, an education honor society, is hosting the first KDP Corporate Spelling Bee at 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 12, with all proceeds benefiting the Hale County Literacy Council and KDP scholarships for future educators.

“As the Literacy Council helps teach adults to read and fosters a love for reading in young people, we found it was a fitting partnership for an honor society of future educators to be part of supporting this endeavor,” said Billy Fleming, a graduate student in education and the KDP secretary who is helping to organize the event.

The event features teams of five adults from businesses, organizations, schools and churches pitted against each other in the spell-off format. Teams will receive a word and have 30 seconds to confer as a team, then one member will spell the word aloud to the judges. No paper is allowed to write the word.

Spelling will continue until only two teams remain in the competition, then the winning team will be left standing when one team misses a word. Should both teams miss, play resumes with a new word. The winning team will receive a trophy they can display at their business, school or church.

Unlike the spell-off for younger children, though, the Corporate Spelling Bee will feature a fun twist for spelling teams. Teams may pass a word they do not want to tackle to the next team for a $10 donation or to a specific team for a $20 donation. Passes are unlimited for teams.

“We think teams will have a great time at the Bee, and being able to shell out a few dollars for a good cause to avoid a word is a great benefit,” said Fleming. “Cheering will be allowed and encouraged, and we hope the groups will bring a cheering section from their organization to root them on.”

Team entry fees will be $125 per team, payable in advance to KDP. The teams will gather at 5 p.m. on April 12 for a pre-Bee reception with heavy snacks and last-minute instructions. The event is to be held in the Student Ministries Activity Center at Wayland, located at 9th and Utica streets.

Guests can attend the Corporate Spelling Bee for $1 per person in advance or $2 at the door. For more information, contact the Division of Education at WBU at 291-1045.