Wayland partnering corporate sponsors for centennial celebration

Release Date: July 16, 2008

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University is partnering with three area companies for its centennial celebration, which kicks off in August.

The Plainview Daily Herald newspaper, Wells Fargo Bank and Craftsman Printers have joined forces with WBU in support of the school’s 100th birthday celebration, which will include several large events for the community and beyond, special graduation celebrations on the Plainview campus and other events locally and on Wayland’s 13 other campus locations.

“We are so excited to have three companies who not only believe in the celebration enough to provide their resources but also have already had a rich relationship with Wayland to help us celebrate this milestone,” said Hope English, chair of the celebration.

The Herald has enjoyed a longtime relationship with Wayland, in existence years before the school’s founding in 1906 and chartering on Aug. 31, 1908. The newspaper has covered the university’s events from the beginning and partnered with Wayland’s own staff to keep the community in touch with the school. Several Wayland students have served as interns or employees at the newspaper, notably long-time editor Danny Andrews, who now serves as the director of alumni development at WBU.

“I am especially excited that the Herald is on board to help us celebrate the centennial, since we have enjoyed such a long relationship together,” said Teresa Young, who is vice chair of the centennial with English. “We are thrilled to have them partner with us formally after being long-time friends.”

Wells Fargo Bank has also enjoyed a long relationship with Wayland and has supported several ventures at the university, including the LED display sign on Fifth Street and Igo Boulevard and a half-court shot contest during the basketball season. As Wayland’s bank, the partnership with Wells Fargo made sense for the centennial.

“It’s Wayland’s 100-year anniversary, and anyone with that heritage has got to be doing something right,” said Mike Coomer, president of the Top of Texas Region for Wells Fargo Bank. “A lot of the student body is military-related or adults going back to school, and I think Wayland provides a great service in the communities it serves. We like to give back to the community, and we look for opportunities where we can do that. This was a good project to get involved with.”

Located in Lubbock, Craftsman Printers has enjoyed a relationship with Wayland for several years as well, printing the school’s alumni magazine, Footprints, for the past several years, as well as other projects. A family-owned business started by Ron Peters in 1958, Craftsman works with many schools and corporate accounts to provide quality printed projects with an attention to detail and service.

“We have enjoyed working with Craftsman for many projects at Wayland and are always pleased with their work. They put great effort into each printed piece and it always shows,” said Young, director of communications at WBU. “Lance Peters, our rep there, has become a true friend and all of Craftsman’s employees do their best to make us shine. They make us look great.

“They were a natural choice for centennial sponsors and have already impressed us with the pieces we’ve printed thus far.”

Besides contributing their resources to the celebration, the sponsors will be joining in the festivities as well. Wayland will host appreciation nights at home basketball games for each sponsor, giving the university and community a chance to show our appreciation for their support.

For more information on the Centennial events, visit the Wayland Web site at www.wbu.edu.