Wayland hosting best of region's young artists in Scholastic Exhibit

Release Date: January 31, 2008

PLAINVIEW – More than 500 pieces from promising student artists from around the region are now on display at the Abraham Art Gallery on the campus of Wayland Baptist University as the top choices from the West Texas Regional Scholastic Art Competition.

On display through Feb., the Scholastic show represents the most creative work from high school and junior high students around the region, which encompasses 14 counties and includes such cities as Post and Denver City, Muleshoe to the west and north to Dimmitt. Wayland has hosted the West Texas Regional competition for about 11 years.

With more than 1,200 pieces to see during a marathon one-day judging event, the panel of three had their work cut out for them, but in the end, 105 gained top honors as Gold Key winners, with five earning the American Vision Award, the best of the best of which one is guaranteed a spot in the national exhibit. Another 180 Silver Keys and 280 Honorable Mention pieces round out the exhibit.

Winners listed by school, including rank, grade, medium and title of piece, are as follows:

Brownfield High School: Gold Key: Sarah Anderson, 10, Sculpture, For the Love of the Stage; Silver Keys: Nick Hook, 12, Painting, Arctic Dreamer; Bryant Martinez, 12, Drawing, Purple Mountains; Honorable Mentions: Sarah Anderson, 10, Mixed Media, Abortion; Danielle Lopez, 11, Painting, Judgment; Danielle Lopez, 11, Graphic, Safe in my Arms; Ryan Gober, 12, Drawing, Abstract Green; Kristal Willingham, 12, Drawing, Balance; Jeong Kim, 12, Painting, Las Vegas.

Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center: Gold Keys: Cade Cook, 12, Computer Art, Reflection; Michael Knight, 12, Computer Art, Coming Undone; Matthew Tracy, 12, Computer Art, At the Center of the Earth; Kyanne Birley, 12, Computer Art, Victorian Fruits & also Some Tea; Silver Keys: Gabrielle Garza, 11, Computer Art, Mid-Day Meal; Brent Yoes, 12, Computer Art, Something Strange Came Our Way; Ryan Sotello, 10, Computer Art, Summer Twister; Seth Cole, 11, Graphic Design, The Award; Andrew Hernandez, 12, Computer Art, The Edge of Despair; Heath Spear, 11, Computer Art, Stress Region; Honorable Mentions: Dominique Woodard, 11, Computer Art, Twisted Fusion; Jill Chen, 11, Computer Art, Starburst; Luciano Aguero, 10, Computer Art, Twisted Spectrum; Adam Rickman, 11, Computer Art, The Patriot; Rachel Poole, 10, Computer Art, Japanese Brunch; Efren Gomez, 11, Computer Art, Power of the Sun; Elizabeth Eppler, 12, Environmental Design, Pious Abode; Ameer Haron, 10, Computer Art, The Perfect Storm; Kaitlyn Arnold, 11, Computer Art, Disco Fever; Westin Flippin, 11, Computer Art, Gate to Marriage.

Coronado High School, Lubbock: American Vision/Gold Key: Alina Drigalenko, 10, Painting, Hospital Beds; Gold Keys: Sara Fowler, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Repository; Alina Drigalenko, 10, Painting, The Lute Player; Ben Cobb, 11, Painting, The One; Alexandria Perez, 11, Mixed Media, Catfish; Madison Dunn, 10, Mixed Media, Serenity; Zane Elkins, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Lock Box; Emily Yandell, 12, Mixed Media, Uncaged; Silver Keys: Lauren Stasko, 12, Painting, Mod Face; Zane Elkins, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Ancient Design; Britt Byrne, 12, Painting, Tiger Eye; Jordan Rojas, 12, Mixed Media, A Beautiful Tragedy; Antonio Yzaguirre, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Insecure; Britt Byrne, 12, Painting, Bright Butterfly; Austin Crayne, 10, Mixed Media, Untitled; Ben Cobb, 11, Mixed Media, Charleston Harbor; Paul Poffrenbarger, 12, Painting, Have Heart; Mackenzie Gwinn, 10, Mixed Media, Reflected Persona; Honorable Mentions: Antonio Yzaguirre, 12, Drawing, Fallin to Pieces; Rebecca Jimenez, 11, Mixed Media, I Dunno?; John Dillon, 10, Mixed Media, Imagine; Antonio Yzaguirre, 12, Painting, Cool Night; Britt Byrne, 12, Mixed Media, Blossom Bird; Alexandra Velten, 11, Painting, Rust; Ben Cobb, 11, Painting, Melting Ipods; Deli Gaal, 12, Mixed Media, American Me; Kaitlynn Arnold, 11, Mixed Media, Journey; John Dillon, 10, Painting, Old Texas.

Crosbyton High School: Gold Keys: Ryan Lewis, 10, Digital Imagery, Mountain Lit Up; Leo Garcia, 9, Sculpture, Paper Dragon; Will Appling, 12, Digital Imagery, Waterfall on Rocks; Silver Keys: Leo Garcia, 9, Sculpture, Mimi Gun; Ryan Lewis, 10, Digital Imagery,
Storm Coming In; Will Appling, 12, Digital Imagery, Moss on a Pond; Ryan Lewis, 10, Digital Imagery, Clouds over the Mountains; Kylynn Salinas, 12, Computer Art, April in Color; Casey Stegall, 10, Mixed Media, Day of the Dead; Honorable Mentions: Kylynn Salinas, 12, Computer Art, Glowing Baby; Kylynn Salinas, 12, Computer Art, April Looking Up; Will Appling, 12, Digital Imagery, Waterfall with Trees; Casey Stegall, 10, Mixed Media, Horns of Gold; Casey Stegall, 10, Mixed Media, Joker; Kylynn Salinas, 12, Computer Art, Sister in Sunset; Shela Barron, 11, Design Graphic, Teddy Bear; Ryan Lewis, 10, Digital Imagery, Storm with Mountains; April Salinas, 10, Digital Imagery, Bee; Kalley Galloway, Photography, Girl with a Horse; Casey Stegall, 10, Mixed Media, Mask with Glass Eyes.

Crosbyton Middle School: Gold Key: Alfy Sergio, 7, Digital Imagery, Boots; Silver Keys: Robert Vernon, 7, Digital Imagery, Wind Mill; Taylor Witt, 7, Computer Art, Scream; Honorable Mentions: Taylor Witt, 7, Computer Art, Mr. V; Julio Calderon, 7, Design
Product, Yucca Basket with red border; Taylor Witt, 7, Computer Art, Go Braves; Heaven Flores, 8, Digital Imagery, Boy with a Gold Fish; Tori Garcia, 8, Mixed Media, Joker.

Denver City High School: Silver Keys: Ivan Rodriguez, 12, Painting, Depth of Perception; Manuel Montes, 11, Photography, Set Apart; Nicole Burns, 12, Painting, Wasted Space; Honorable Mentions: Nicole Burns, 12, Painting, A Party in My Head; Rebecca Rocco, 12, Drawing, Renewal; Nicole Burns, 12, Painting, Art Gazing; Carly Rollins, 10, Painting, Nothing Else Matters; Reyna Saenz, 11, Painting, Butterflies in My Mind.

Estacado High School: Gold Key: Melanie Martinez, 12, Painting, The Chapel; Silver Key: Elijah Rodriguez, 12, Sculpture, Elijah's Mask; Honorable Mentions: Lawrence Wilson, 10, Drawing, Still Life; Saul Martinez, 9, Drawing, Ranch Buildings; Rene Pano, 9, Drawing, Ranch Buildings; Kristin Medina, 12, Painting, Mom & Dad; Angel Ramirez, Sculpture, Angel's Mask; Stephanie Ramirez, Sculpture, Stephanie's Mask; Pablo Cuellar, 10, Sculpture, Day of the Dead; Adriana Rivera, 12, Sculpture, Adriana's Mask.

Floydada High School: Gold Key: Emily Griffin, 12, Painting, Submission; Silver Keys: Leslie Gonzales, 10, Printmaking, Scary Princess; Emily Griffin, 12, Drawing, Listen; Kelsey Williams, 12, Drawing, Self-Portrait; Kelsey Williams, 12, Ceramics/Glass, Wicked; Colby Turner, 12, Ceramics/Glass, Burned; Emily Griffin, 12, Ceramics/Glass, Twisted; Halie Swinney, 10, Sculpture, My Family Tree; Camaray Gooch, 12, Sculpture, Murte; Honorable Mentions: Simon Cantu, 12, Mixed Media, Bio-Hazard; Freddy Castillo, 10, Mixed Media, Green with Envy; Leslie Gonzales, 10, Ceramics/Glass, Flower House; James Potts, Printmaking, El Musico; Camaray Gooch, 12, Mixed Media, Giving a Hand; Brandon Monreal, 12, Ceramics; Emily Griffin, 12, Mixed Media, Old Friends.

Frenship High School: American Vision/Gold Keys: Claire Valdez, 12, Mixed Media, Eat Me; Claire Valdez, 12, Mixed Media, Go Tigers; Gold Keys: Megan Bea, 12, Painting, Snakes & Earrings; Janette Anderson, 12, Drawing, Warhol; Erek Stone, 10, Drawing, Mary; Claire Valdez, 12, Mixed Media, Untitled; Kalani Watson, 10, Drawing, Wrapped Skull; Cameron Zionts, 12, Painting, Untitled; Caleb Howell, 12, Mixed Media, Coffee Composition; Caleb Howell, 12, Painting, Self Portrait; Caleb Howell, 12, Painting, Orange on Black; Silver Keys: Kevin Medrano, 12, Mixed Media, Coffee Composition; Andrew Carrizales, 10, Painting, Untitled; Honorable Mentions: Kalani Watson, 10, Drawing, Merry Freaking Christmas; Kalani Watson, 10, Drawing, Death Noise.

Lockney High School: Gold Keys: Laura Fulton, 12, Photography, Broken; Alston Becker, 12, Sculpture, Inveigle Demise; Lorenzo Salazar, 12, Sculpture, Guardian; Ernie Vasquez, 12, Drawing, Breaking Through; Laura Fulton, 12, Photography, Frozen In; Silver Keys: Ashley McCullock, 12, Painting, Feed Me Fashion; Laura Fulton, 12, Photography, L for Laura; Ernie Vasquez, 12, Computer Art, Fused; Ashley McCullock, 12, Painting, In Focus; Michael Vasquez, 11, Painting, Tranquility; Alston Becker, 12, Painting, Escaping Calamity; Laura Fulton, 12, Photography, Ice Swirls; Ernie Vasquez, 12, Painting, Set Yourself Free; Honorable Mentions: Laura Fulton, 12, Sculpture, Fred; Ashley McCullock, 12, Drawing, Gigi's Eyes; Alston Becker, 12, Drawing, Ecstasy; Kortney Williams, 10, Digital Imagery, Hiding in Distortion; Laura Fulton, 12, Photography, Time Off; Aura Rodriguez, Drawing, Portrait; Laura Fulton, 12, Photography, Perspective; DJ Hernandez, Computer Art, Super + Man; Jennifer Rincones, Computer Art, Pairies; Kortney Williams, Computer Art, Masked Behind Labels; Ashley McCullock, 12, Mixed Media, Forever & Two Days; Ashley McCullock, 12, Mixed Media, To Be Freed.

Lubbock Cooper High School: Gold Key: Beth Dudley, 12, Painting, Colors of Fall;  Silver Keys: Brittany Salazar, 12, Painting, Whispering Woods; Ashley Rathgeber, 11, Ceramics, XXX.

Lubbock Cooper Jr. High School: Gold Key: Adrian Smith, 7, Painting, Winter Wonderland; Silver Keys: M'Leah Clepper, 7, Painting, Biful; Adrian Smith, 7, Painting, Gridiron Hurdles; Honorable Mention: James Maldonado, Painting, Orchard at Sunset.

Lubbock High School: American Vision/Gold Key: Rockie Nolan, 12, Photography, The Hands of Industry; Gold Keys: Katherine Gollahon, 12, Mixed Media, La Misteriosa Catrina; Maura Fowler, 12, Photography, Dandelion's Sleeping bag; Hector Valencia, 12, Jewelry, Chainonail Cravat; Guy Rimel, 12, Ceramics/Glass, NA; Grigory Khmyl, 12, Painting, Glacial View; Rebecca Lopez, 9, Sculpture, Sparrow; Silver Keys: Kyanne Birley, 12, Mixed Media, Illuminati; Hector Valencia, 12, Mixed Media, A Quill in Time;
Meredith Fields, 11, Mixed Media, Telephone Wires; Lizzie Samuels, 12, Mixed Media, A Second Shot at Life; Silver, Winifred Conrad, 10, Mixed Media, N/A; Grigory Khmyl, 12, Painting, Untitled No. 1; Winifred Conrad, 12, Sculpture, Sunflower Safari Kitty;
Maura Fowler, 12, Ceramics/Glass, Slab Pot #55; Andy Herrera, 11, Ceramics/Glass, Midnight Serpents; Honorable Mentions: Kim Vasquez, Mixed Media, Untitled no. 2; Samantha Gaitan, Graphic Design, Blow Me Away; Phillip Rodriquez, Painting, Geo Shapes; Hollie Gurrola, Painting, Untitled; Abigail Castenada, Mixed Media, Ooh La La; Hector Valencia, 12, Mixed Media, Remembrance; Grigory Khmyl, 12, Painting, Untitled No. 2; Katherine Gollahon, 12, Mixed Media, Der Kampf Zwischen; Alexander Wheeler, Print Making, Wings; Maura Fowler, 12, Photography, Italy; Jeremy Tow, Mixed Media, Dream Brother; Katherine Gollahon, 12, Design Graphics, Meet the Cool Girls; Clara Hester, Mixed Media, Self Portrait; Angelica Leon, Drawing, Little Feet; Kyanne Birley, 12, Mixed Media, Everything is yellow & green & pink & blue & My Dracula Trophy Reminds Me of You; Kyanne Birley, 12, Mixed Media, Sparkling Generation; Erica Morin, Design Graphics, Stylin'; Samantha Gaitan, Painting, Our Fault; Christian Herrera, Painting, Viva La Mexico; Brian Salazar, Painting, Bloody Feathers; Kathrine Glasheen, Painting, Texas; Maura Fowler, 12, Ceramics/Glass, Abstract Ear; Alexander Wheeler, 12, Ceramics/Glass, Potty Mouth; Erica Macias, Ceramics/Glass, Red Dragon; Gabriel Quinteros, 12, Design Product, Sketching My Mind.

Monterey High School, Lubbock: Gold Keys: Julie Fisher, 11, Drawing, A Niece; Kimberly Lundberg, 11, Digital Imagery, 42; Vanessa Lara, 12, Jewelry, Purity; Kaitlyn Werland, 12, Digital Imagery, Avenue T; Kaitlyn Werland, 12, Digital Imagery, Rocky Road; Garret Miller, 12, Sculpture, The Guitar; Dylan Hobdy, 12, Jewelry, Day of the Dead; Eden Ruiz, 12, Jewelry, Dulce; Julie Fisher, 11, Painting, Penny Lane; Silver Keys: Kaitlyn Werland, 12, Digital Imagery, Dandy-Lion; Julie Fisher, 11, Photography, The Mint Bed; Deidra McNutt, 12, Jewelry, Star Bright; Deidra McNutt, 12, Jewelry, Icing in my Eyes; Jessica Magallan, 12, Jewelry, Day of the Dead; Hannah Neil, 12, Jewelry, Reflecting Emotions; Rosalind Walker, 12, Jewelry, Light as a Feather; Veronica Marquez, 12, Jewelry, Summertime; Kaitlyn Werland, 12, Digital Imagery, Shadows in the Shed; Molly Weaver, 12, Drawing, Ghetto One Way; Honorable Mentions: Rosalind Walker, 12, Jewelry, Winged Hearts; Cassandra Vera, 12, Jewelry, Day of the Dead; Eden Ruiz, 12, Jewelry, Garden of Eden; Kaitlyn Werland, 12, Digital Imagery, Pecos Teardrops; Ericka Nieblas, 11, Painting, Sunny Moon; Eden Ruiz, 12, Jewelry, Loose Lips Sink Ships; Eden Ruiz, 12, Jewelry, Love Beyond Life; Eden Ruiz, 12, Jewelry, Pretty Please with a cherry on top; Hannah Neil, 12, Jewelry, Panda Love; Rosalind Walker, 12, Metal/Jewelry, Butterflies & Winged Hearts.

New Deal High School: Honorable Mention: Jamie Garcia, 11, Painting, The New Deal Lions.

Olton High School: Gold Key: Sarah Newton, 12, Digital Imagery, Curly Hair.

Plainview Christian High School: Gold Key: Derek Harrell, 10, Painting, Tree; Silver Keys: Chandra Harrell, 9, Mixed Media, Live Music; Justin Carrera, 12, Digital Imagery, Howl; Honorable Mentions: Jared Haines, Drawing, Self Portrait; Jared Haines, Drawing, Pots; Cade Choate, 10, Photography, Friend; Katie Bice, 10, Painting, Curley Hue; Cade Choate, 10, Photography, Sunflower; Chandra Harrell, 9, Digital Imagery, Envy; Chandra Harrell, 9, Painting, The Blue Chair.

Plainview Christian Academy: Gold Keys: Macy Bennett, 8, Photography, Sunflower; Kyle Wiggs, 7, Painting, Jesus in the Clouds; Silver Keys: Audrey Sisemore, 7, Painting, No Greater Love; Ezekiel Solarzano, 8, Drawing, Elephant; Macy Bennett, 8, Digital Imagery, My Father & I; Taylor Keyes, 8, Drawing, Fall; Lauren Johnson, 8, Painting, Three Words; Ashley Sisemore, 8, Mixed Media, Maxwell; Honorable Mention: Audrey Sisemore, 7, Drawing, Vases; Kyle Wiggs, 7, Painting, Starry Night; Shelby Maresca, 7, Painting, The Drawing Chair; Marisol Holguin, 7, Mixed Media, Colors; Kyle Wiggs, 7, Drawing, Pear; Shelby Maresca, 7, Digital Imagery, The Snow Filled Field; Ashley Sisemore, 8, Drawing, Gods Blanket of Peace; Shelby Maresca, 7, Digital Imagery, The Retired; Ezekiel Solarzano, 8, Painting, Chair; Lauren Johnson, 8, Painting, New York; Shelby Maresca, 7, Painting, The Vase.

Plainview High School: Gold Keys: Zach Baker, 10, Printmaking, Midnight Garden; Alexandria Juarez, 11, Printmaking, Fall Colors; Kelley Montalvo, 11, Printmaking, Green Leaves; David Padilla, 12, Printmaking, Celtic Dream; Sayla Barnes, 12, Sculpture,
Mechanical Heart; Sayla Barnes, 12, Design Product, The Adventures of Tabor; Michelle Maldonado, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Past, Present and Future; Zach Baker, 10, Drawing, Aspen; Sayla Barnes, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Reptilious Feather; Delia Chia, 12, Painting, Prairie Sky; RoseMarie White, 11, Ceramics & Glass, Baby Lava; Silver Keys: Delia Chia, 12, Painting, Wave Impressions; Sha'Fig Richardson, 12, Ceramics & Glass, The Tear; Sha'Fig Richardson, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Challis; Carmen Barrera, 11, Ceramics & Glass, Blue Fusion; Cameron Ward, 12, Painting, Doorway; Anthony Castillo, 10, Painting, Work of a Champ; Alexandria Juarez, 11, Printmaking, Crow's Shadow; Honorable Mentions: Virginia Warren, 12, Sculpture, Red Faced Demon; Kiely Borchardt, 10, Sculpture, Rotten Teeth; Carmen Barrera, 11, Sculpture, Twisted Green; Akeem Harrison, 12, Ceramics/Glass, Blue Leaf; Akeem Harrison, 12, Ceramics/Glass, Shades of Brown; HM, Rocio Moreno, 11, Printmaking, Black Lily; Kimberly Reyes, 12, Printmaking, Hearts & Stars; Ana Sanchez, 11, Drawing, Pears; Cameron Ward, 12, Painting, High Sierra Snow; Rebekah Stanfield, 10, Printmaking, Photograph; Brittnee Riley, 11, Printmaking, Floral; Karina Luerano, 11, Mixed Media, Grassy Beach; Kelley Montalvo, 11, Painting, Lily Madness; Emily Welch, 9, Mixed Media, Golden Tones.

Seminole High School: Gold Key: Crystal Harms, 12, Mixed Media, Lost in the Woods; Silver Keys: Kyra Brisco, 12, Painting, Faith for the New Day; Melody Wright, 12, Painting, Flying Frog; Cara Ferguson, 11, Painting, Stained Glass Dragonfly; Cara Ferguson, 11,
Mixed Media, The Memory of Music; Amber Overton, 11, Painting, Compassionate Mixture; Honorable Mention: Anna Wall, 12, Painting, Squared Reality; Melody Wright, 12, Painting, Night Restaurant; T.R. Castillo, 9, Mixed Media, Cheez-It; Renae Smith, 9, Sculpture, Japanese Culture; Renae Smith, 9, Painting, Un Cuane Perso; Melody Wright, 12, Painting, Late Night Restaurant; Jessica Flores, 12, Painting, The Attitude of Color; Maria Sierra, 11, Painting, Potered Elements.

Shallowater High School: Gold Keys: Cory Zahn, 12, Painting, The Lazy Puppy; Shaina Hart, 12, Digital Imagery, Good Ol Bicycle; Eric Simpson, 11, Painting, Hidden Message; Silver Keys: Amy White, 11, Jewelry, Silver Dangle Earrings; Eric Simpson, 11, Painting, Jesus on the Cross; Honorable Mentions: Cory Zahn, 12, Digital Imagery, Yesterday's Tractor; Amy White, 11, Digital Imagery, Breaking Through; Cory Zahn, 12, Digital Imagery, Where the Tractor Leads.

Shallowater Middle School: Gold Keys: Zachery Altamirano, 8, Computer Art, Rage; Trey Bounds, 8, Graphic Design, Dream; Silver Keys: Tobias Sultan, 8, Digital Imagery, White Butterfly on Pink Flower; Honorable Mentions: Raymond Ramirez, Computer Art, Music
Time; Kaylea Valverde, Drawing, The Wheel; Cory Smith, Design Graphic, Camaro…It's all About You; Kassandra Williamson, Drawing, Hypnosis; Tobias Sultan, Computer Art,Legend; Kenzie Callaway, Drawing, Neon Me; Marcus Oliver, Computer Art, Water Anyone?; Kassandra Williamson, Drawing, Self Portrait; Casey Lewis, 8, Computer Art, Cryptic; Justin Ramirez, 8, Computer Art, Barnacle Boy; Ramon Andazola, 8, Drawing, Self Portrait.

Slaton High School: Gold Keys: Devin Wood, 9, Drawing, Only the Strong Survive; Hope McGlone, 12, Drawing, Who Am I When You're Gone?; Michael Rodriguez, 12, Painting, Colorful Array; Devin Wood, 9, Painting, St. Somebody; Hana Nutt, 11, Mixed Media,
My Life in a Nutshell; Joshua Terry, 12, Painting, Orange Crush; Cynthia Olivarez, 12, Drawing, Myself Revised; Silver Keys: Andie Salinas, 11, Drawing, Man with a Dream; Macy Moses, 12, Drawing, Undescribable Lov; Diala Makhlouf, 11, Drawing, Stillleben;
Tiara Smith, 12, Painting, Schoolyard; Nichole Jones, 11, Drawing, Art Break; Honorable Mentions: Cynthia Olivarez, 12, Mixed Media, Self-Expression; Jonathan Hastings, 12, Drawing, Emotions Taking Over; Joshua Terry, 12, Drawing, What I've done when Texas
cries; Nichole Jones, 11, Drawing, Small Town Love; Jamal Washington, 10, Painting, My Space; Bobby Davis, 12, Painting, Contemplation; Jonathan Hastings, 12, Mixed Media, Dreams; Taylor Polk, 10, Drawing, Wishful Thinking; Tiara Smith, 12, Drawing, Billy Holiday; Kassi Isbell, 11, Drawing, Reflected Through Myself; Kassi Isbell, 11, Drawing, Distorted Beauty; Cynthia Olivarez, 12, Drawing, A Hepburn Distortion; Amber Salinas, 12, Drawing, Oops; Devin Wood, 9, Drawing, My Print of the King Myself.

Sudan High School: Gold Keys: Diana Hernandez, 12, Digital Imagery, On the Bridge; Ashley Koontz, 8, Painting, Ashlee K; Diana Hernandez, 12, Mixed Media, 3-D Me; Diana Hernandez, 12, Painting, Diana; Diana Hernandez, 12, Drawing, In the Shadows; Kaleigh Dial, 12, Digital Imagery, Vintage Moment; Silver Key: James Thomsen, 12, Jewelry, 3-triangles; Honorable Mention: Katherine Gutierrez, 10, Painting, Best Friends; Olivia Delgado, 12, Jewelry, Egyptian; Gabby Estrada, 10, Drawing, Gabby; Olivia Delgado, 12, Digital Imagery, White Branches; Ashlee Johnson, 10, Painting, Ashlee; Corina Hernandez, 10, Painting, Alone; Olivia Delgado, 12, Digital Imagery, Red Cape; Kaleigh Dial, 12, Digital Imagery, Gray Moon; Diana Hernandez, 12, Digital Imagery, Corina; Brenda Alearea, 11, Painting, Brenda; Finus Nolte, 12, Drawing, Finus I.

Sundown High School: Gold Keys: Jessica Garcia, 12, Drawing, Butterflies; Jessica Rodriguez, 12, Mixed Media, Deathly Alive; Silver Key: Shelby Chancey, 11, Drawing, Rose; Honorable Mention: Kayla Heffley, 12, Drawing, Reflection; Jordan Lummus, 12, Painting, Joey; Shelby Chancey, 11, Drawing, Man on the Moon; Ava Reyes, 11, Drawing, Birds at Water; Shelby Chancey, 11, Drawing, Tranquil; Ryan Waygood, 11, Drawing, Boats on Water; Jessica Ann Garcia, 12, Multi Media, The Dancers.

Trinity Christian High School: American Vision/Gold Key: Claire McGinnis, 12, Mixed Media, Butterfly; Gold Keys: Sydney Wilson, 9, Drawing, Summer Breeze; Chandler Kenady, 12, Ceramics & Glass, The Faux Fountain; Chandler Kenady, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Thunder; Kaitlin Lingo, 12, Painting, Knocking ; Tiffany Garrett, 12, Mixed Media, Imagine; Silver Keys: Chandler Kenady, 12, Ceramics & Glass, Swirl; Kaitlin Lingo, 12, Drawing, Dancer; Honorable Mentions: Susanna Bender, 11, Mixed Media, Native; Travis King, 11, Mixed Media, A Flower's Gift; Claire McGinnis, 12, Drawing, Yummy; David Harmon, 10, Mixed Media, Italian Smart; Sydney Wilson, 9, Drawing, Grandmother; Travis King, 11, Drawing, Rain, Rain, Go Away; Alex Eberhardt, 10, Mixed Media, Dream Buck; Amelia Morales, 11, Painting, Self Portrait; Claire McGinnis, 12, Painting, Whatever.

Trinity Chrisian Jr. High School: Silver Keys: Amanda Wilson, 8, Design product, Celebration; Charisse Aguas, 8, Painting, The Birds; Honorable Mentions: Amanda Moore, Painting, Pods; Lilly Brock, 8, Design product, Baseball Rd Nearing; Madison Weeks, 8, Painting, The Cross; Mikala Rhodes, 7, Painting, Palm Trees at Sunset; Austin Ammous, 8, Painting, The Fiery Bush; Emily Villafrancee, 8, Painting, Paradise Sunset; Shanae Ammons, Design product, Hanging Diamonds.

Estacado Jr. High School, Plainview: Gold Key: Carlos Hernandez, 8, Painting, Fish; Silver Key: Luis Jaramillo, 8, Painting, Fish; Honorable Mention: Lindsay Flores, 8, Drawing, Abstract Me; Avonlea Gonzales, Drawing, Ballerina; Tia Bradshaw, Drawing, Ballerina; Zach Subealdea, Drawing, Ballerina.

Mackenzie Middle School, Lubbock: Gold Key: Maddie Kauffman, 8, Painting, Get Through the Storm; Sonya Delacruz, 7, Drawing, Cityscape; Silver Key: Thomas Heinrich, 8, Painting, Wintry; Gemma Volpato, 7, Painting, Finding Snow; Ben Nguyen, 7, Painting, Cross them Bones; Gemma Volpato, 7, Painting, Blue Autumn; Grace Peason, 8, Painting, Floating World; Honorable Mentions: Elizondo Taylor, 8, Painting, Trick or Treat; Cheyenne Smith, 7, Painting, Snow & Flowers; Emily Davis, 8, Painting, E Lifting

Terra Vista Middle School, Frenship: Gold Key: Haden Snodgrass, 7, Drawing, Me; Brittany Nash, 8, Drawing, Under the Sea; Krystal Sager, 7, Painting, Underwater Treasures; Ashley Villa, 8, Drawing, It's All About Me!; Chris Morrison, 8, Sculpture, Absolutely Abstract; Zac Caballero, 8, Drawing, Face n Wire; Silver Keys: Lindsay Parker, 8, Drawing, It's Meee!; Brittany Nash, 8, Drawing, Surprise!; Billy Welch, 8, Drawing, Fishes; Nga Le, Drawing, Graphite; Honorable Mention: Andrew Walmsley, 8, Sculpture, Boredom; Vanessa Marin, 8, Sculpture, Big Green; Destiny Perez, 8, Drawing, The Sculpture; Nga Le, 8, Sculpture, Under the Water; Elisha Gilmore, 8, Sculpture, Slightly Mad; James Cobb, 8, Sculpture, Spotted Tree; Zachary Holder, Painting, The Ocean is Alive; Joseph Trejo, 7, Drawing, Deep Under; Chris O. Garcia, 8, Drawing, Split Personality; Ashley Villa, 8, Drawing, Colorful Fish in the Sea; Alec Morton, 8, Drawing, Self Portrait; Paige Lyons, 7, Painting, Ocean Side; Taylor Coomer, 8, Painting, Sea World; Hank Oliver, 8, Painting, Ocean Floor; Marcus Sanchez, 7, Drawing, Self Portrait; Grant Solis, 8, Drawing, Aaaa HHH!; Marissa Valadez, 8, Drawing, Rainbow Sea; Mikey Thompson, 8, Drawing, Rage; Andrew Walmsley, 8, Drawing, Fish; Cefereeno Lujan, 8, Drawing, Me at School; Aaron Ellison, 7, Painting, Underwater Jungle.

The exhibit is open to the public during regular gallery hours: Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday 2-5 p.m. For more information or to schedule school group tours, contact the gallery at (806) 291-3710.