WBU employees publish articles

PLAINVIEW – Two Wayland Baptist University employees have been recognized recently for their works in the academic field. Dr. Arch Mayfield and Dann Wigner have written articles that will be published in academic journals.

A longtime member of the faculty, Dr. Mayfield, professor of English, wrote an article entitled “Toward a Style that Stays: Washington Irving’s Tour of the West” that was presented at the 72nd annual meeting of the Conference of College Teachers of English in March. The work was published in the CCTE Studies journal in September. Mayfield’s paper won the American Literature Award at the CCTE meeting last spring for his look at the writing style of Washington Irving. 

“One of his big things was to have a writing style that suggested permanence, something that would last,” Mayfield said. “He was concerned about a writing style that would outlive him.”

Dann Wigner, coordinator of Distance Learning Services in the Learning Resources Center, wrote an article that was published in the Perspectives in Religious Studies, the scholarly journal of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. Wigner’s article, “Clarity in the Midst of Confusion: Defining Mysticism,” will appear alongside works from full-time faculty members at major universities.

Wigner holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Wayland and will begin doctoral work at Durham University in Durham, England in 2008.