ABQ Dean Appointed to Dean's Position in Amarillo

Dr. J.B. Boren, currently the dean of the Wayland Baptist University campus in Albuquerque, N.M., has been named the new dean of the campus in Amarillo, effective in February.

Boren replaces Dr. David Bishop, who became dean of the Lubbock campus this month. Established in 1976 as a branch of the Plainview headquarters campus, the Amarillo campus of Wayland serves a primarily adult population with classes in the evenings and on weekends, in four 11-week terms annually.

“Dr. Boren's experience with Wayland's external campuses, coupled with his understanding and knowledge of the Texas Panhandle and South Plains, make him an ideal dean for the Amarillo Campus,” said Dr. Bobby Hall, provost and vice president of academic and graduate services. “He is a strong academician who has strengthened Wayland’s campus in Albuquerque, and he will adapt quickly and effectively to continue WBU’s long record of quality service to the educational community in Amarillo and the surrounding region.”

“We are fortunate indeed to have Dr. J. B. Boren as the new dean at Amarillo,” added Dr. Elane Seebo, associate vice president for external campuses. “Dr. Boren is a seasoned dean who will bring a vital depth of understanding and breadth of experience to his new position. Although he will be sorely missed at Albuquerque, Dr. Boren is consummate professional academician who is ready for the challenges and opportunities of his next Wayland assignment as Dean of the Amarillo Campus.”

Boren has served in Albuquerque since 2003, coming to Wayland from a teaching position at Missouri Baptist University. He served as associate professor of sports medicine, director of the Sports Medicine program, and division chair for the Natural and Health Sciences at MBU for eight years. He had also served as an adjunct graduate professor in exercise physiology at the Maryville University School of Physical Therapy. He served in other teaching positions both at MBU and while doing graduate work.

A clinically certified exercise specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine, Boren earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University in 1987 and his Master of Science degree in exercise physiology from Baylor University in 1988. He then earned the doctorate in physiology of exercise from Texas A&M University in 1993.

Boren himself is looking forward to the new challenges of the Amarillo campus.

“I am very excited to moving over to the Amarillo Campus. Dr. Bishop has done an outstanding job putting that campus together, and he has a top-notch staff in place.  The new facility is very well done, and I can’t wait to get back into a science lab again,” Boren said. “I look forward to meeting the staff and faculty and continuing the work that Dr. Bishop has started. The Amarillo campus has a great opportunity to continue to project Wayland across the Texas Panhandle and I am excited to be a part of Wayland’s ministry and mission there.”

Boren adds that the panhandle region is quite familiar, as he grew up in Stratford, where his family farmed in Kerrick. He is a graduate of Stratford High School.

“I’m glad to be coming home. My parents still live in Kerrick, and they are thrilled about getting to see their grandkids more often, so it’s a great move for my family,” he said, adding the move will have benefits for his job as well. “Moving to Amarillo will allow me to be more involved with the Plainview campus, which is something to which I look forward. I’ve always enjoyed academic service as well as teaching and administrating, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to serve WBU by becoming involved at the main campus.”

Boren received the Governor’s Excellence in Teaching Award for Higher Education from the State of Missouri in 1997, and in 1996-97, earned the Missouri Baptist College Teaching Excellence Grant. He served on numerous committees during his time in higher education and has been on the BSOE Review Committee for Wayland for the past two years.