Science professor presents at geology conference

PLAINVIEW – Dr. Tim Walsh, assistant professor of physical science at Wayland Baptist University, presented two sessions at the recent joint meeting of the Geological Society of America’s North Central and South Central sections, held in Lawrence, Kan.

Walsh presented one session with consultant Mark Bryan of Enid, Okla. titled “Lithostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Shawnee Group in Southeastern Kansas.” The presentation dealt with the findings of a study differentiating cyclothemic-scale despositional sequences of the Shawnee Group outcrops in Kansas. The outcrops were measured, observed and photomicrographic data gathered for the study. A composite stratigraphic cross-section was prepared based on the interpolation of important sequence stratigraphic bounding surfaces.

His second presentation was titled “Development and Enhancement of Labs for an Online Introductory Earth Science Course.” Based on his experience in teaching Earth Science 1401 for WBU online, Walsh presented his outline for the class and described how to incorporate labs for the class into the online format. Walsh detailed his experience with online labs, including the grading, timing, required materials, downloadable materials and Web resources.