Bowen Promoted to University Registrar; Office to Realign and Relocate

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University announced Monday that Julie Bowen, director of external records, has been promoted to the role of university registrar, effective Feb. 16. Bowen replaces Stan DeMerritt, who moved into the role of assistant executive vice president on Feb. 15.

In her external records role, Bowen was also associate registrar and oversaw the process of admissions and academic records for the BSOE/BCM degrees for all of Wayland’s 13 campuses located outside of Plainview. She previously worked as an associate registrar under DeMerritt.

The change in personnel also comes with a realignment and relocation of the Office of Registrar, currently located on the first floor of Gates Hall. That office will be moving to the basement of Gates Hall, where the external records offices are currently located, bringing all of the registrar’s office personnel side by side. Keith Platte, associate registrar currently, will remain in that position and oversee the day to day operation of the traditional degree programs.

Michael Beal, who has served as office manager for external records, moves into the position of associate registrar and Coordinator of Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education (BSOE) and Bachelor of Christian Ministry (BCM) Records, the two prevalent degrees on the external campuses. Brenda Gonzalez, first auditor in the external records office, will be taking Beal’s place as office manager.

Bowen feels the move will assist the registrar’s office in streamlining the processes and procedures of academic records with a shared environment.

“While external records and the Office of the Registrar have always been closely aligned, this move to relocate them physically in the same location we believe will enhance their ability to work closely together and share information,” said Dr. Bobby Hall, vice president for academic and graduate services.

Hall is also confident in the leadership set up with the promotions.

“Julie Bowen has demonstrated excellence in every responsibility she has had at Wayland during her career,” said Hall. “She brings significant knowledge base and a demonstrated ability to deal effectively with both academic records and fellow workers and I believe she is an outstanding choice to be Wayland’s registrar.”

Bowen will be more active in the Plainview registration process, a change she is welcoming.

“I really look forward to getting back to working with the faculty and staff here with registrations and graduation and unifying the procedures as a system,” she said, adding that the offices have worked well together thus far and she expects that to continue.

Altogether, the registrar’s office employs 28 people to coordinate registrations, transcript requests, official records and degree plans for the 6,000-plus students enrolled in the Wayland system. Much of the paperwork for the student population is done on the Plainview campus.

Wayland’s recruiters, working in the Office of Admissions, will move into the space vacated by the registrar’s office on the first floor of Gates Hall, making them more visible and accessible to the public.