Area students shine in Scholastic competition, exhibit

PLAINVIEW – Artwork by high school and junior high students from around the South Plains are spotlighted in the newest exhibit at Wayland Baptist University’s Abraham Art Gallery, as the 2005 West Texas Regional Scholastic Art Competition and Exhibit is on display.

Housed in the gallery through Feb. 11, the exhibit features more than 400 pieces of art, including the 100 Gold Key winning pieces and the Silver Key and Honorable Mention pieces. The artwork spans a variety of media and themes, and highlights young artistic talent from the area.

Five pieces are chosen to receive the American Vision Award, the highest honor for the Scholastic Competition. Those pieces advance to the national competition in New York, and one is guaranteed to be included in the national exhibit. American Vision winners for 2005 included Annie Reecer, a senior at Lockney High School, with two pieces: a painting titled “Self-Portrait in Hammock” and a product design piece titled “Daydreams 1, 2, & 3.” Josh Bedore, a senior at Monterey High School in Lubbock, earned an award for a sculpture titled “Self-Portrait,” and Coronado High School senior Brittany Hill won for an untitled mixed media piece. Michael Prouza, a senior from Lubbock Cooper High School, rounds out the winners with a digital imagery piece titled “The Board.”

Winners of the Gold Key awards also advance to the national competition, with the possibility of winning additional awards and scholarship dollars as well as being part of the national exhibit.

Entries for the competition come from a 20-county region, with more than 1,400 entries received. A panel of three judges then chooses the awarded pieces for the exhibit and for further competition.

The regional exhibit is free and open to the public during regular hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Winners include the following, listed alphabetically by school:

Brownfield High School: Silver Key: Steven Suarez, junior, untitled drawing.

Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center: Gold Keys: John Herrera, senior, computer art titled “Escape;” Michael Olivarez, senior, computer art titled “Kuuinai;” Danielle Petry, junior, computer art titled “Memories of Duty;” Henry Reyes, junior, computer art titled “Grave at Rainy Lake;” Sara Sharp, junior, computer art titled “Chess and Gecko;” Silver Keys: Nicholas Moore, junior, computer art titled “Afterwork;” David Pina, junior, computer art titled “War Machine;” Morgan Rushing, junior, computer art titled “Flying Free;” Ashten Sims, senior, computer art titled “Sculptural Abstraction;” and Logan Smith, junior, graphic design titled “Car;” Honorable Mention: Kyle Griswold, sophomore, computer art titled “Sculptural Dimensions;” John Herrera, computer art titled “Oops;” Bryan Martin, senior, computer art titled “Celestial Staircase;” Eric Nelson, junior, computer art titled “Mechanical Toys;” Jennifer Perez, junior, computer art titled “Robotic Frog;” Dayton Phillips, senior, computer art titled “Untiq;” Joshua Pierce, junior, computer art titled “Alien Way,” and computer art titled “Letter from Iraq;” Dusty Plank, junior, computer art titled “Preparing to Work;” Sergio Torrez, junior, computer art titled “Atomic Energy;” David Warshauer, senior, graphic design titled “An Enticing Aroma.”

Coronado High School: Gold Keys: Caity Carroll, senior, untitled ceramics; Polina Drigalenko, sophomore, untitled painting; Shane Garcia, senior, drawing titled “Turtle Soap;” Brittany Hill, senior, untitled mixed media and untitled drawing; Lane Holder, senior, untitled drawing; Ashten Sims, senior, ceramics titled “Finer China;” Natalie Wardroup, senior, printmaking titled “Repeated Self-Portrait;” Silver Keys: Brandon Black, junior, graphic design titled “Night Flyer;” Caity Carroll, mixed media titled “Self-Portrait Collage;” Sara Elkins, junior, untitled drawing; Josh Estrada, junior, drawing titled “Memory of the Aztecs” and drawing titled “Wild Life;” Zach Green, junior, graphic design titled “Prowler;” Brittany Hill, untitled mixed media; Lane Holder, untitled painting; Katharine Powell, junior, untitled drawing; Ashten Sims, ceramics titled “Wine Rose” and untitled drawing; Joseph Smith, senior, painting titled “The Flamingo that Haunts Me;” Honorable Mention: Caity Carroll, sculpture titled “Sunshine Daydream;” Shayna Hall, senior, untitled graphic design; Gayle Hill, junior, graphic design titled “The Art of a Dragonfly;” Shea Kimbrough, senior, untitled painting; Robert Martinez, junior, untitled drawing; Grant Perkins, senior, drawing titled “Introspection;” Ashten Sims, untitled painting and untitled ceramics; Jonathan Warren, junior, drawing titled “Coma White.”

Denver City High School: Silver Key: Ryan Ford, junior, sculpture titled “Redemption;” Honorable Mention: Danielle Quezada, sophomore, mixed media titled “Golden Sorrow.”

Estacado High School: Silver Keys: Miller Armstead, sophomore, mixed media titled “My Life;” Rosalie Garcia, senior, painting titled “Sunset on the Lake;” and Victoria Martinez, senior, mixed media titled “Family;” Honorable Mention: Juan Gonzales, senior, mixed media titled “Faith;” and Justin Sustaita, junior, painting titled “Sunset.”

Floydada High School: Gold Keys: Kendra Covington, junior, sculpture titled “Elegance;” Lindsey Leatherman, junior, drawing titled “Contemplation of a Promise; : Adam Pyle, senior, drawing titled “House in Woods,” and drawing titled “Underwater Ambush;” Silver Keys: Robert Beuning, freshman, drawing titled “The Hand;” Rachel Griffin, senior, ceramics titled “Peacock Feather;” Kristan Lackey, senior, sculpture titled “Reverie;” Honorable Mention: David Mancilla, senior, drawing titled “Question of Time.”

Floydada Junior High: Gold Keys: Tiffany Reyes, ninth grade, sculpture titled “Looking in the Mirror;” Silver Keys: Kristyn Muse, ninth grade, sculpture titled “My Picasso,” Everardo Rodriguez, eighth grade, printmaking titled “Printed Box;” Justin White, eighth grade, drawing titled “Building Blocks;” Keegan Williams, eighth grade, printmaking titled “A Goat and a Box;”Honorable Mention: Linda DeOchoa, ninth grade, sculpture titled “Me;” Emily Griffin, ninth grade, sculpture titled “Sleeping Beauty.”

Frenship High School: Gold Keys: Jeremy Butler, sophomore, ceramics titled “Nature’s Rage;” and Amanda Pena, senior, sculpture titled “Hidden Turmoil;” Silver Key: Brian Grissman, junior, untitled painting; Honorable Mention: Ashleigh Brady, senior, mixed media titled “Untitled City;” and Beatriz Meza, sophomore, untitled drawing.

Hale Center High School: Silver Key: Christopher Calderon, senior, drawing titled “Sprint Time.”

J.T. Hutchinson Junior High: Gold Keys: Heather Basinger, ninth grade, drawing titled “Chaos” and drawing titled “Serenity;” Alyssa Botello, ninth grade, photography titled “Peeker;” Huong Nguyen, ninth grade, painting titled “Nature’s Imitation;” Erika Noblas, eighth grade, drawing titled “Fishes in Sky;” Kiefer Wright, ninth grade, drawing titled “Beginning of a Journey,” drawing titled “Ranchos,” and ceramics titled “Southwest Selection;” Silver Keys: Heather Basinger, photography titled “American Hero;” Ana Hernandez, ninth grade, mixed media titled “Ranchos;” Erika Noblas, drawing titled “Hands of Love;” Brian Salazar, ninth grade, drawing titled “Unbreakable Peace;” Kiefer Wright, sculpture titled “A World Underneath;”Honorable Mention: Gary Garcia, ninth grade, drawing titled “Reaching for the Stars;” Weishan Li, ninth grade, ceramics titled “Hummingbird Bowl;” Diona Pampa, eighth grade, drawing titled “Heavenly Forms;” Laura Perez, ninth grade, photography titled “Ghosts of Hutchinson;” Jacy Pierce, ninth grade, photography titled “Splish-Splash;” Jake Shelby, seventh grade, drawing titled “Heaven Has Opened;” Stuart Williams, ninth grade, ceramics titled “The World.”

Levelland High School: Gold Keys: Laura Carden, senior, painting titled “Levelland Sunset” and painting titled “Rockstar;” Silver Keys: Joshua Jones, ninth grade, painting titled “Bunny Crushers;” Amanda Padilla, ninth grade, painting titled “Out in Colorado;” Lenora Ramirez, sophomore, drawing titled “Rock;” Honorable Mention: Laura Carden, drawing titled “El Hermanos;” Maggie Davidson, senior, computer art titled “Solace” and computer art titled “When the Leaves Fall;” Jolanda Loellman, junior, painting titled “An Unforgettable Trip.”

Levelland Junior High: Honorable Mention: Lucero Duarte, eighth grade, mixed media titled “Flowers.”

Lockney High School: Gold Keys: Alston Becker, ninth grade, drawing titled “Self-Portrait;” Addie Lee Foster, senior, printmaking titled “A.M. to P.M.,” graphic design titled “Hopelessly Wandering,” drawing titled “Neon Self-Portrait,” and drawing titled “Triptych Self-Portrait;” Ashley McCulloch, ninth grade, painting titled “The Story Behind Me;” Wendy Moralez, junior, sculpture titled “Sunburst,” and drawing titled “Me, Myself and I;” Annie Reecer, senior, product design titled “Daydreams 1, 2, & 3” and painting titled “Self-Portrait in Hammock;” Joanie Reecer, sophomore, product design titled “Red Lady in Garden;” Rance Schumacher, senior, graphic design titled “Eggs-travagant;” Coby Tannahill, sophomore, drawing titled “Self-Portrait;” and Kayla Thomas, sophomore, mixed media titled “Garden Weaving;” Silver Keys: Kami Keaton, junior, graphic design titled “The Face of Technology;” Adrian Luna, sophomore, mixed media titled “Weaving;” Wendy Moralez, junior, drawing titled “Me, Myself and I;” Shelly Pachiano, senior, digital imagery titled “Perceptions;” Ky Reagan, sophomore, graphic design titled “I Am Confused;” Annie Reecer, senior, drawing titled “La Feuille;” Rance Schumacher, senior, graphic design titled “The Real Me, The Me Others See & The Me I Want to Be;” Kory Smith, junior, drawing titled “Self-Portrait;” Honorable Mention: Addie Lee Foster, senior, painting titled “Fuchsia;” Richard Hooten, senior, mixed media titled “Nature’s Beauty;” Tanner Morris, ninth grade, painting titled “Self-Portrait;” Alissa Poindexter, senior, graphic design titled “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring;” Trasa Poindexter, ninth grade, drawing titled “Neon;” Ky Reagan, sophomore, drawing titled “Confusions” and mixed media titled “Weaving on Fimo Loom;” and Joanie Reecer, sophomore, painting titled “Red Corner.”

Lubbock Christian High School: Gold Key: Beau Finley, ninth grade, installation art titled “Green Thunder;” Silver Keys: Alyssa Johnson, senior, digital imagery titled “Trees;” Kayla Touns, ninth grade, painting titled “Yellow Flower;” Honorable Mention: Chelse Chestnutt, ninth grade, painting titled “Yellow Flowers;” Adam McHam, junior, computer art titled “A Player” and computer art titled “Self-Portrait;” Adriana Rodriguez, senior, painting titled “Otra Manana.”

Lubbock Christian Junior High: Honorable Mention: Tatum Noble, seventh grade, painting titled “Orange and White Flowers.”

Lubbock Cooper High School: Gold Key: Michael Prouza, senior, digital imagery titled “The Board;” Silver Key: Kurt Limmer, junior, ceramics titled “The Alien;” Honorable Mention: Cody Seay, senior, drawing titled “Self-Portrait.”

Lubbock High School: Gold Keys: Camille Awar, junior, jewelry titled “Feathers” and drawing titled “Lone Wolf;” Darik Bradley, sophomore, sculpture titled “Fiesta;” Tyson Chapa, senior, sculpture titled “On the Road Again;” Christopher Cordell, junior, untitled painting and graphic design titled “Fatwear Study #2;” Casey Elliott, senior, jewelry titled “Fender Acoustic Bass” and jewelry titled “Gibson Explorer LX;” Lindsey Gutierrez, junior, jewelry titled “Millennium Spoon;” Katie Kiser, junior, untitled painting; Nopac Luna, senior, drawing titled “Looking in the Mirror” and drawing titled “Odd World;” Emily Moore, junior, jewelry titled “Floral Spoon;” Dena Upton, junior, untitled sculpture. Silver Keys: Guadalupe Anaya, senior, untitled sculpture; Angela Caballero, senior, untitled ceramics; Melinda Cavazos, junior, drawing titled “Feather;” Lindsey Gutierrez, junior, jewelry titled “Cosmic Ring;” Melody Ham, senior, jewelry titled “Alice in Wonderland;” Katie Kiser, junior, drawing titled “Self-Portrait;” Jeffrey Licon, junior, sculpture titled “Shining Light;” Alberto Rivera, senior, sculpture titled “Shaman;” Dustin Simms, senior, untitled ceramics. Honorable Mentions: Darik Bradley, sculpture titled “Rays;” Myka Bradley, sophomore, graphic design titled “Watch Illustration;” Sandy Michelle Cervantes, senior, sculpture titled “Parts is Parts;” Lauren Chapman, junior, jewelry titled “Doves;” Christopher Cordell, graphic design titled “Line Study as Advertisement” and graphic design titled “Spring Summer Collection Wench;” Lauren Dale, senior, sculpture titled “Reefer Madness;” Lindsey Gutierrez, painting titled “A Moment in Time” and graphic design titled “Lipstick Ad #2;” Brenda Haro, senior, mixed media titled “Restaurante de Los Muertos;” Crystal Kruse, junior, painting titled “Green Eyes;” Isaac Mora, senior, drawing titled “Graped Out;” John Moreno, junior, untitled sculpture; Sarah Nash, junior, sculpture titled “Homage to Monet;” Brittny Rimel, senior, painting titled “Mother;” Kristen Shields, junior, graphic design titled “Lip Illustration Ad;” Dustin Simms, drawing titled “The New Creation;” Samantha Solis, senior, untitled ceramics; Omar Villarreal, senior, untitled sculpture.

Mackenzie Junior High: Gold Keys: Ryan Dimas, eighth grade, painting titled “Excalibur;” Katrin Florence, ninth grade, painting titled “Nightlight of a Castle;” Lindsay Garland, ninth grade, drawing titled “A Different View;” Lillie Robinson, ninth grade, product design titled “Out of Africa;” Bianca Sasser, eighth grade, painting titled “Greenman: Sir Martin;” Silver Keys: Matthew Baack, ninth grade, product design titled “Wood Clock;” Kaycie Boyles, eighth grade, drawing titled “Voodoo;” Audrey Nixon, seventh grade, painting titled “Rainbow Still Life;” Paul Paffenbarger, ninth grade, drawing titled “Metal Mantis;” Honorable Mention: Alicia Gonzalez, ninth grade, drawing titled “Alicia;” Paul Paffenbarger, painting titled “Castle of the Forgotten Forest.”

Monterey High School: Gold Keys: Josh Bedore, senior, sculpture titled “My Box,” sculpture titled “Self-Portrait,” and sculpture titled “The World According to Josh;” Sara Cokendolpher, senior, jewelry titled “Simple Treasure Reflecting My Culture;” Kristian Jenkins, junior, drawing titled “Orangutang Thang;” Sarah Talley, junior, sculpture titled “The Life There Under;” Silver Keys: Josh Bedore, sculpture titled “My Little Metal Man;” Israel Gonzales, senior, painting titled “Two Sides;” Blakelee Kemp, senior, drawing titled “Falling;” Courtney Lang, junior, painting titled “City Flight;” Cole Mandrell, senior, painting titled “Many Colors of Me” and mixed media titled “Retro;” Felecia Martinez, senior, ceramics titled “Hideaway Box;” James Wilson, senior, drawing titled “Outrageous Playing;” Honorable Mention: Jamon Dixon, senior, painting titled “Adolescence;” Tristian Jenkins, junior, drawing titled “My Crazy Man;” Melissa Locknane, sophomore, painting titled “Fun House;” Cole Mandrell, senior, painting titled “Emotionally Damaged;” Meredith Pate, senior, drawing titled “McKensey;” Veronica Perry, junior, painting titled “Bob the Cat.”

Muleshoe High School: Gold Key: Tyler Davis, junior, mixed media titled “Self-Portrait;” Silver Keys: Jessica Hall, senior, drawing titled “Fairies;” and Andrew Padilla, senior, drawing titled “Family;” Honorable Mention: Thomas Bonds, senior, mixed media titled “Flip Side;” Alyssa Lopez, sophomore, painting titled “Me and Thee;” Madison Smith, junior, mixed media titled “Wild Side;” and Tyler Wood, senior, drawing titled “True Reflections.”

New Deal High School/Junior High: Gold Keys: Michael Gonzales, junior, drawing titled “Moonlight Boogie;” Phillip Goodgion, eighth grade, drawing titled “Scare Me, I Dare You;” Silver Key: Jamie Garcia, eighth grade, drawing titled “Excalibur;” Honorable Mentions: Tenisha Owens, junior, printmaking titled “Pinto,” and drawing titled “Tenisha’s Disciples;” Vinson Pena, eighth grade, printmaking titled “Peacefulness is all I Need.”

Olton High School: Gold Keys: Kyla Kersh, senior, sculpture titled “Message in a Bottle;” Nicholas Reyes, senior, computer art titled “The Kid;” Silver Keys: Kyla Kersh, sculpture titled “Open House;” Nicholas Reyes, computer art titled “Hate;” Carolina Sandoval, senior, computer art titled “Drive By;” Honorable Mention: Carolina Sandoval, computer art titled “Red Phantom,” computer art titled “Something Simple,” and computer art titled “Sylvia.”

Plainview Christian Academy: Silver Keys: Laura Cortazar, junior, mixed media titled “Sandia;” Chris Torres, senior, drawing titled “Watch Out for That…!” and Brock Wall, ninth grade, drawing titled “Love Shall Die;” Honorable Mention: Andy Baker, junior, painting titled “Happy Smiles Gun;” and Brock Wall, drawing titled “Lady Death.”

Plainview Estacado Junior High: Silver Key: DeAnna Armijo, eighth grade, mixed media titled “In My Room;” Honorable Mention: Iris Mendoza, eighth grade, mixed media titled “Still Life Fruit;” and Ana Sanchez, eighth grade, drawing titled “Giant Flower.”                                

Plainview High School: Gold Keys: Corinna Fouts, senior, sculpture titled “Hidden in Nature” and ceramics titled “Leaf Vase;” Susana Luna, senior, painting titled “Blue Sky;” and Jason White, senior, mixed media titled “Home Ties;” Silver Keys: Brooke Allison, senior, ceramics titled “Leaf Design;” Domingo Rosales, junior, mixed media titled “Many Me’s;” Honorable Mention: Amanda Hughes, senior, photography titled “Spur;” and Susana Luna, painting titled “White Day.”

O.L. Slaton Junior High: Silver Keys: Alina Drigalenko, seventh grade, drawing titled “Super Bowl Weekday;” D.D. Liu, ninth grade, drawing titled “Dragon Rider;” Abby Manriquez, seventh grade, untitled printmaking; Honorable Mention: D.D. Liu, drawing titled “Reticence.”

Shallowater High School: Gold Key: Corrina Parstow, senior, photography titled “Memories Untold;” Silver Key: Cassie Pene, senior, digital imagery titled “Arlington National Cemetery;” Honorable Mention: Corrina Parstow, digital imagery titled “A Source of Life.”

Slaton High School: Gold Keys: Bryce Hastings, sophomore, painting titled “Another Brick in the Wall;” Katherine Smith, senior, product design titled “Colorful Dreams;” Silver Keys: Gabriel Gonzales, sophomore, painting titled “Get Your Guns Up,” and drawing titled “King Solomon;” Octavia Huey, senior, painting titled “Bent Out of Shape;” Katie Meurer, junior, mixed media titled “Tic Toc;” Noe Muniz, senior, painting titled “Mirando el Cielo;” Honorable Mentions: Capri Chapa, junior, painting titled “Pink Funk;” Lauren Cooper, senior, mixed media titled “Aloha Bro;” Ryan Kacures, senior, drawing titled “M-Mazing;” Hope McGlone, ninth grade, drawing titled “Dad;” Michelle Pinson, junior, painting titled “Missing You,” and mixed media titled “Something Old, Something New.”

Slaton Junior High (all eighth graders): Gold Keys: Karina Gallegos, drawing titled “The 3 Faces;” Andy Garcia, drawing titled “Leave Me Alone;” Jami Harris, untitled product design; Louis Hernandez, painting titled “Chilen;” Zack Young, drawing titled “Jellyfish;” Silver Keys: Jami Harris, untitled sculpture; Nathan Torres, painting titled “Big Nate;” A. J. Zapata, drawing titled “I See You;” Honorable Mentions: Juan Ariaz, painting titled “Juan Portrait;” Andy Garcia, product design titled “That One;” Andrew Isham, product design titled “Snake Basket;” Orlando Jones, drawing titled “O.J.’s Picasso;” Jamal Washington, drawing titled “A Jungle Nap” and painting titled “Jamal;” Tyler West, painting titled “Yo Momma” and drawing titled “Naughty Kitten;” A.J. Zapata, drawing titled “Freedom.”

Sudan High School: Gold Keys: Diana Hernandez, ninth grade, digital imagery titled “Diana;” Preston Kleman, eighth grade, computer art titled “Cold Case Files;” Maggie Lopez, junior, jewelry titled “Mama’s Bracelet;” Baylie Nelson, junior, painting titled “Hello Kitty;” and Elizabeth Trejo, senior, sculpture titled “Bracelet;” Silver Keys: Mandy Glidewell, junior, jewelry titled “Swirls and Bumps;” Tiffany King, sophomore, painting titled “Tiffany;” Perla Perez, senior, drawing titled “Janet;” Elizabeth Trejo, senior, sculpture titled “The Garza;” Xavier Vasquez, junior, digital imagery titled “Xavier;” Honorable Mention: Luis Aguilar, eighth grade, computer art titled “West Coast Body Works;” Baylie Nelson, graphic design titled “Graphic Portrait;” and James Thomsen, ninth grade, graphic design titled “My Notebook.”

Trinity Christian High School: Gold Keys: Leanna Reeves, senior, mixed media titled “Captive Paradise,” painting titled “A Horse of a Different Color,” and printmaking titled “Legacy of Liberty;” Silver Keys: Katie Becker, junior, mixed media titled “Yummy;” Joshua Hair, senior, untitled ceramics (two); Kathleen Martinez, junior, painting titled “Seaside Sibling;” Evan Tardy, senior, printmaking titled “Best Friends;” Brittany Williams, junior, mixed media titled “Freedom,” and painting titled “Hansii;” Honorable Mentions: Charmaine Aguas, sophomore, mixed media titled “Underwater Beauty;” Abby Garcia, junior, printmaking titled “Lilies;” Rachel Koenig, junior, mixed media titled “Elegance;” Leanna Reeves, painting titled “Delight;” Evan Tardy, painting titled “A Scenic View;” Brittany Williams, printmaking titled “Winter Morning Jog.”

Trinity Christian Junior High: Gold Keys: Brooke Adams, eighth grade, untitled product design; Alex Eberhardt, seventh grade, untitled product design; Cheyann Thornton, seventh grade, untitled product design; Rachel Young, seventh grade, apparel design titled “Cool Bag;” Silver Keys: Carlie Gilmour, eighth grade, mixed media titled “Wild West;” Kay Law, seventh grade, painting titled “Eiffel Tower;” Forrest Taylor, eighth grade, printmaking titled “Leaves;” Jordan Tivis, seventh grade, untitled product design; Honorable Mentions: Elizabeth Anderson, seventh grade, untitled product design; Matthew Brooks, painting titled “Bird;” Carlie Gilmour, untitled product design; Travis King, eighth grade, painting titled “Bird;” Madison Parker, seventh grade, apparel design titled “Bed Bag;” Abigail Ritchey, seventh grade, printmaking titled “Flowers.”