Dr. Franklin invited to speak in Greenwich

PLAINVIEW -- Wayland Baptist University assistant professor of mathematics Dr. Scott Franklin will miss his first two days of class this semester, but for a good reason. Franklin, who completed his Ph.D. work at Texas Tech University last spring, has been invited to speak at the International Conference on Parallel Algorithms and Computational Environment in Greenwich, England.

The conference will be held at the University of Greenwich, Maritime Greenwich Campus on Aug. 25-27.

This is the third conference for Franklin this summer who also spoke at the American Mathematical Society sectional meeting in Austin in May and at the Concurring Engineering conference in Fort Worth in July. Franklin is scheduled to present a portion of his research concerning partial differential equations.

Franklin’s research deals with taking large, multi-faceted problems and breaking them into smaller pieces in order to solve them.

“The basic concept is taking a big problem that a single machine, like my desktop computer, would take months or even years to solve on its own, breaking it into pieces and having several processors try to solve it by solving each piece,” Franklin said. “What I am presenting is a way to break the problem into pieces and then stitch the solutions together when you have received the results.”

In conjunction with the conference, Franklin will publish a paper that was co-authored by Philip Smith and Padmanabhan Seshaiyer who served on Franklin’s dissertation committee at Tech. Smith is the director of Tech’s high performance computing center and Seshaiyer is an associate professor of mathematics.