Wayland professor selected for Oxford Round Table

PLAINVIEW – Dr. Yvonne LaMar received a pleasant surprise recently, but she’s not sure who to thank for the honor.

LaMar, assistant professor of education at Wayland Baptist University, received an invitation to participate in the prestigious Oxford Round Tables in Oxford, England. The week-long gathering will be held in the summer of 2005.

The honor comes after a nomination and screening process, but LaMar said she isn’t sure who nominated her for participation. The honor was a welcomed surprise.

“It is very early in my career, and I wouldn’t expect this to happen until years down the road,” LaMar said. “This also means there’s a chance for some of my work to be more international, not just in publications, but in meeting with people who could make that possible.”

A member of the Wayland faculty since the fall of 2003, LaMar will be participating in a Round Table dealing with child psychology, specifically on the psychological influences on today’s children. LaMar has researched and written extensively on the subject of moral development of children, covering the decision-making process and how individuals determine right and wrong, and the difference between moral judgment and moral action.

LaMar said the Round Table features a series of discussions about the topic at hand among a gathering of those interested in it, peppered with presentations from the constituents. The group also participates in formal banquets and luncheons and has a chance to tour the Oxford area. She feels the event will be beneficial to her career.

“I’m hoping to get connected to other people who write about the topic and maintain some professional ties,” she said, noting that it was a field with seemingly little interest.

LaMar holds a bachelor’s degree from Temple University, a master’s degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania, and a master’s and doctorate in educational psychology from Cornell University.

The Oxford Round Table began in August 1989 to consider major issues in educational policy in the U.S., Britain and other nations. Composed initially of ministers of education and governors, the Round Table now meets to discuss issues in 12 different fields, inviting university professors, business leaders and organizational leaders to participate in a collegial, “think tank” atmosphere.