Wayland science program for homeschoolers getting financial assistance

PLAINVIEW – For the past two and a half years, participants in the Plainview Area Homeschool Science Enhancement Program have delved into the world of beakers, test tubes and Bunsen burners, microscopes, dissection kits and more.

Now, the program will be benefiting from a grant from the Home School Foundation to help continue the program and provide needed resources for students.

The brainchild of Wayland Baptist University’s Dr. Joel Boyd, assistant professor of chemistry, and Dr. Adam Reinhart, assistant professor of biological sciences, the program provides laboratory resources and experiences for home schooled students around the area. The program is designed to supplement the lessons these students are receiving in the home. But because of obvious safety and cost issues, home school students are often not able to have the laboratory experiences public school students enjoy.

“Students meet here once a month for labs that add to their home studies,” explained Reinhart. “The first two years we did chemistry labs, and this year we’re doing biology.”

The $500 grant from HSF, along with a $100 donation from the local Integrity Educators group, was matched by Wayland administrators to double the money. The $1,200 will be used primarily for scholarship purposes.

“We have been seeking out external funding sources to help with student lab fees and in providing scholarships for student participants to attend Wayland,” said Boyd, noting that one student from the initial group is now a chemistry major at WBU. “Those scholarships are important, because there are some traditional scholarships that home school students can’t really apply for.”

Reinhart and Boyd said the program is “a natural connection” for Wayland as a Christian school that draws a good number of students seeking that Christian atmosphere and moral environment, similar to what homeschooling parents are trying to provide for their children.

For more information on the home school science program, contact Reinhart at 291-1124.