WBU professor earns writing award, grant

PLAINVIEW - Dr. Kevin Sweeney, assistant professor of history at Wayland Baptist University, received the Percy Jones Best Article Award from the West Texas Historical Association Yearbook for an article on drought, and earned a research grant for West Texas History.

Sweeney's article, titled "Pandora's Drought: Aridity and the Brazos and Clear Fork Indian Reserves," was selected by a committee as the best from their journal for the past year. The award comes with a cash award.

Sweeney also received the William Curry Holden Grant for research on West Texas history from the WTHA. He plans to use the $1,000 grant this summer to travel to Austin and Waco and do archival searches on information about the drought of 1854-65 in the southern plains and near southwest (most of present-day Texas and Oklahoma). Sweeney is investigating the drought's impact on the Indian Wars, the Indian Reserves, outmigration from the Texas frontier, the Five Civilized Tribes alliance with the Confederacy and the Civil War.