Enrollment up at Wayland Baptist University

PLAINVIEW - The fall looks promising at Wayland Baptist University as enrollment numbers increased 7.5 percent system wide to 6,211 students on 13 campuses.

On the home campus in Plainview, enrollment is up 3.6 percent as the final head count included 1,036 students. Semester credit hours increased 7 percent to a record number of 12,736. The additional numbers include a 13 percent increase in the freshman class and a 7 percent increase in the retention rate, a number that has Vice President of Enrollment Management Dr. Claude Lusk excited about the upcoming year.

"The increase in retention is a campus-wide success. The significant increase is a positive sign and means we are going in the right direction," said Lusk who also pointed out that the number of academic scholars among incoming freshmen has increased as well.

The increases in the freshman class and retention rates also pose an interesting, yet welcomed, problem for the university. Wayland has 485 students living in the dorms, up 8 percent from last year's 448. The men's dorms are filled to capacity with the women's dorms, including the new Davis Hall dormitory, 86 percent full. Ten years ago the university had only 279 students living on campus.

"It's a good problem to have and to look into," Lusk said. "We have already begun the process of looking into our options as far as housing is concerned."