Wayland officials recommend freeze in tuition rate

PLAINVIEW - Administrators at Wayland Baptist University will recommend to its governing board that tuition on the Plainview campus be frozen for the coming academic year.

Traditionally, tuition has risen by about $10 each year, but administrators felt this year should be different.

"It really came from the economic and geographic context of this campus," said Dr. Paul Armes, president. "We live in an area that has faced more than its share of economic struggles in recent years, and our recommendation reflected consideration of that."

The board of trustees will meet March 27 in Plainview to discuss the freeze and other business matters. Armes said he is fairly confident the recommendation will be adopted, in keeping with the usual pattern of board approvals.

Tuition for the Plainview campus, a traditional residential campus with the usual student services and activities, currently is $270 per credit hour for undergraduate students and $275 for graduate students. The freeze would hold that rate in place for at least another academic year.

Estimated costs for a semester at Wayland, including books - based on a student being enrolled in 12 semester hours, living in a median-priced, shared dormitory room and carrying a meal plan with 15 meals per week - is $5,542.20. Those costs include a general fee applicable to students enrolled in more than seven credit hours, which covers admission to athletic events and extracurricular activities, health services, library usage, student newspaper and yearbook, access to the Plainview YMCA and parking permits.

Armes said those rates are very competitive with other faith-based institutions as well as public colleges and universities.

"If you compare our tuition to other Baptist schools, we are the least expensive in Texas and the third least expensive among schools in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities," Armes said, noting that the CCCU comprises 105 religiously affiliated schools across the nation.

Officials will also recommend a $10 per credit hour increase at Wayland's external campuses, the first raise for those sites in three years. The approved increase would bring tuition to $140 per hour for undergraduate work and $165 per hour for graduate courses. Wayland has campuses in Lubbock, Amarillo, Wichita Falls and San Antonio, Texas, as well as in New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Oklahoma and Hawaii. Those campuses primarily cater to an adult population working toward degrees while employed, with classes offered in the evenings and on weekends.