Boren to lead WBU Albuquerque

PLAINVIEW - Dr. J.B. Boren of Missouri Baptist University has been named dean of Wayland Baptist University's campus in Albuquerque, N.M., effective Aug. 1.

"Dr. Boren has strong academic preparation, experience in adult nontraditional education, ties to the Southwest, and is active in his church," said Dr. Bill Hardage, executive vice president at Wayland. "I think he will add another dimension to our group of deans. He rose to the top of a strong group of applicants."

Boren has held teaching positions at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis since 1994, specializing in kinesiology, exercise and sport science. Most recently, he has served as associate professor and chair of the Division of Natural and Health Science at MBU and served on several university committees.

He received the Governor's Excellence in Teaching Award for Higher Education from the State of Missouri in 1997 and was recognized with the President's Excellence in Teaching Award by MBU in 1996.

Boren holds a Ph.D. in kinesiology from Texas A&M University in College Station. He also earned a Master of Science in Education degree from Baylor University and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Texas Tech University. His professional interests are in exercise and human physiology, biomechanics, statistics and anatomy.

He is an active Southern Baptist.

Wayland's Albuquerque campus, located at 5325 Wyoming NE, has an enrollment of around 250 students and offers undergraduate degrees in business, religion, human services and occupational education, as well as post-baccalaureate teacher certification programs. For more information on WBU-Albuquerque, contact the campus at (505) 323-9282.