Wayland honors faculty, staff near end of school year

PLAINVIEW -- Wayland Baptist University honored several of its employees Friday, April 25, during the annual Faculty and Staff Awards Banquet.

Employees were honored for landmark years of service and special service awards were presented for faculty and staff. Dr. Hoyt Bowers, professor of biological sciences and chairman of the Division of Mathematics and Sciences, was honored for 40 years of faculty service. A thirty-year service award went to Dr. Polly Lackey, director of libraries, and her husband, Dr. Wilburn Lackey, professor of psychology, was honored for 25 years of service.

Twenty-year service awards were presented to Kathy Burton, Amelia Cline, Tom Ray, Donna Sarchet and Emmitt Tipton. Dr. John Andrewartha and Dr. Jim Todd were honored for 15 years, while Dr. Mary Maloney and Dr. Cindy McClenagan received 10-year pins. The following employees were cited for five years of service: Dr. Elise Adamson, Dr. David Bishop, Judie Brunson, Debra Daniels, Sheila Diggs, Monica Elliott, Mary Evans, Dr. Tim Fosnaugh, Dr. Joan Franklin, Debra Funk, Dr. Russ Gibbs, Melody Glass, Josie Gomez, Dr. Kristi Jarman, Aileen Nonaka, Dr. Steven Reid, Amanda Stanton, Dr. Ann Stutes, Cynthia Trevino and Susie Vera.

The Association of Former Students presented Distinguished Service awards to faculty members Dr. John Andrewartha of the San Antonio campus and Dr. Paul Sadler, professor of religion in Plainview, and to staff member Danny Murphree, director of property management.

Outstanding faculty awards were presented to the following: University Service Award, Dr. Geoff Wells, professor of political science; Community Service Award, Christa Smith, associate professor of modern languages and literature, and Dr. Candace Keller, associate professor of art; Contribution to Profession Award, Dr. Arch Mayfield, professor of English and chairman of the Division of Languages and Literature; and the Scholarship Award, Dr. Gary Belshaw, assistant professor of piano pedagogy.

Outstanding staff awards were presented to the following: University Service Award, Amanda Stanton, assistant to the academic vice president; Community Service Award, Teresa Young, director of communications; Campus student Involvement Award, Kip Vitato, secretary for the Division of Social Sciences; and the Excellence Award, Julie Bowen, coordinator for external programs.

Wayland also honored two upon their retirements at the close of the school year. Jane Matlock, assistant professor of education, is retiring after two years on the faculty. Previously, she had spent 23 years in public schools, spanning roles as teacher and as principal. Vernon Norris, coordinator of external programs since 1994, is retiring after 11 total years of service, including a stint as bookstore manager and assistant business manager from 1963-66. Norris previously worked in the Plainview public schools, serving as teacher, principal and administrator. He is a 1960 graduate of Wayland.