Wayland campus in Wichita Falls branching into city

Wayland Baptist University's Wichita Falls campus will make its first venture into the city when it opens an office in the Call Field Shopping Center on Nov. 11.

The campus has been operating in the education center at Sheppard Air Force Base since opening in 1974, serving primarily a military population. Moving part of its operation to a city office will allow the school to reach more civilians who might be interested in completing their college degree or continuing their education.

"We will have three good classrooms there, and virtually all of our upper-level religion courses will be there, as well as some of the education classes," said Dr. Jeff Tillman, director of graduate studies for the campus. "The bulk of the folks in our post-baccalaureate program (for teacher certification) are civilian, so it just made sense to move those classes closer."

The new office, located at 4110 Call Field Road, features office space and three classrooms, two of which Tillman said can accommodate large classes. Lois Barnes, who directs the post-baccalaureate teacher certification program, will serve as coordinator at the new site. Some faculty will also have offices there.

Tillman said information on programs at Wayland will be available at the Call Field site, and academic advising for current students will eventually be added.

Wayland - Wichita Falls offers the Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education degrees, with specializations in religion, business administration, career and technology education and management. The campus also offers the Master of Business Administration degree and the Master of Arts in Management.

The campus operates on a quarterly system, with the next term beginning Nov. 11. One of 12 campuses in the Wayland Baptist University System, the campus averages an enrollment of 600.