Wayland enrollment experiences 11% increase over last fall

Wayland Baptist University experienced an 11 percent growth in student enrollment for the fall semester, according to official figures released today. Enrollment by credit hours grew by 3,448, or 9.7 percent.

A total of 5,781 students are enrolled on the 12 campuses that comprise the Wayland University system, up from only 5,198 in the fall of 2000. In Plainview, 1,019 students are enrolled in graduate and undergraduate courses, representing 7 more students than last fall.

Growth continues at Wayland's external campuses, which cater primarily to adult students returning to earn a degree or complete one. At those 11 campuses, the student population - which reflects both graduate and undergraduate students - grew by 13.8 percent with the addition of 576 students.

Individual campus breakdown by student enrollment and growth percentage is as follows: Anchorage, Alaska: 550, 6 percent; Fairbanks, Alaska: 230, 11 percent; Phoenix, Ariz.: 184, 10 percent; Sierra Vista, Ariz.: 124, 23 percent; Hawaii: 535, 29 percent; Albuquerque, NM: 77, 24 percent; Clovis, NM: 196, 20 percent; Amarillo: 177, 11 percent; Lubbock: 691, 23 percent; San Antonio: 1,400, 15 percent; and Wichita Falls, 598, 4 percent loss.

Official figures are based on a twelfth-day census, which is the last day to withdraw without record.