Tuition Break for Summer Classes

Not many students would voluntarily give up their summer vacation, especially if it meant more time in the classroom. But at Wayland Baptist University, students have long taken advantage of the three-week microterms to catch up on hours, get core courses out of the way or just get ahead.

A recent decision by Wayland's board of trustees is sweetening the deal, though. In an effort to attract more students to the shorter terms on the Plainview campus, the board cut tuition in half for the summer.

"The rate goes from $260 an hour for undergraduate classes to $130 an hour, which makes it the same price as the external campuses," explained Dr. Glenn Saul, vice president for academic and graduate services. "We really want to encourage more students to attend summer school."

Unlike high school days where summers in class were usually remedial, these summer terms offer a variety of core and upper-level courses that students of any discipline can take. With three back-to-back sessions offered, students can pick up 9 hours in the summer alone, the equivalent of half-time enrollment during the regular term.

"By having three-week courses, people can get three hours of credit in three weeks - or six in six weeks and still have time for a vacation in the summer," Saul said, adding that the opportunity is great for public school teachers who have a three-month vacation anyway.

Saul said summer courses are fairly intense since a semester's worth of information must be packed into three weeks. Classes typically meet for three hours each day, four to five days each week. Because of this, students are limited to one 3-hour class each microterm (plus a one-hour physical education course if needed).

The lowered tuition rates mean students who normally can't afford to stay for summer terms will have easier access. Local residents who may have been considering returning to finish their education or start from scratch may find new incentive in the reduced rates.

Summer terms are open to new and current students as well as high school students who want to earn credit early. For information on enrolling for the first time, contact the admissions office at 296-4709. For information on registration for summer classes, call 296-4706.