Wayland celebrates Creation Care Week

PLAINVIEW, TX — A special chapel service, daily devotional messages, an effort to beautify campus planter boxes, and a screening of Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story are all part of Wayland Baptist University’s annual Creation Care emphasis this week.

For more than a decade, the university has celebrated Creation Care Week. The emphasis acknowledges God as creator, sustainer, and redeemer of all things and recognizes that many still believe God’s creation is an exploitable commodity. Creation Care Week reminds the university family that one cannot honestly declare love for God while destroying His creation.

“Creation care is about caring for God’s creation in the same ways that He does,” said Dr. Matthew Allen, Professor of Biological Sciences in the Kenneth L. Mattox School of Mathematics and Sciences. “It’s about celebrating it as an expression of God’s good work, recognizing it as a testimony of who God is, and protecting and stewarding it to the glory of God and as a service to others.”

Dr. Allen will be the featured chapel speaker at 11 a.m., Wednesday at Harral Memorial Auditorium as he presents Tree Tales, a talk in which he hopes to communicate that caring about creation begins with knowing creation itself. He plans to discuss tree species found on the Plainview campus, detailing both their ecology and the ways we interact with them.

As part of Creation Care Week, the university offers a special screening of Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story, a film narrated by Matthew McConaughey. The critically acclaimed documentary will be shown at 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 17, in Mabee Regional Heritage Center Auditorium. It features state-of-the-art cinematography for a journey through Texas.

On Thursday, Wayland gathers to put creation care into action at “Come Plant with Us.” During the afternoon hours, students, faculty, and staff are scheduled to help beautify outdoor planter boxes around Harral Memorial Auditorium.

Creation Care Week devotionals emailed each day encourage students, faculty, and staff to “take time to remember and reflect on God’s good work for us in creation,” Dr. Allen said. “Each message reflects on some aspect of creation care.”