Military Friendly Wayland Baptist University salutes U.S. veterans

PLAINVIEW — Wayland Baptist University, a Military Friendly and Military Spouse Friendly school, salutes veterans of the United States armed forces as we celebrate Veterans Day.

For more than 50 years, Wayland has been proud to support our armed forces through educational services, offering those who protect our freedom the opportunity to earn four-year and advanced degrees while on active duty. Even during deployment, the university has made it possible for military personnel to continue their studies abroad through online classes.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with these brave men and women who serve now as well as those who have gone before them,” the university said. “We say thank you for your service, and may God bless you.”

Seeing the educational needs of the nation’s voluntary armed forces, Wayland began offering courses to military personnel at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls in 1972. Two years later the university opened its first on-site external campus at Sheppard AFB. As service men and women have served their country through the years, Wayland has stood beside them by offering classes to help them further their careers while serving their country.

Today, Wayland is proud to offer numerous military education programs across the western half of the United States, many of which continue to be located on-site at U.S. military bases, where these heroes serve.

“Whether based in Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, or any number of other locations, Wayland stands ready to serve those who so bravely serve this nation,” the university said. “Our goal has always been to help veterans excel in their educational and career goals. We consider this our reasonable service to those who serve.”

Because of Wayland’s 50-year history of service to U.S. military personnel, the university understands that tuition assistance is a critical part of veterans being able to pay for their education. To that end, Wayland’s admissions and financial office staff are well trained to help veterans navigate the application process, as well as help military personnel set up courses, determine best funding sources, and plan how a military education program can fit with a military schedule.

“We serve those who serve,” the university said. “As we celebrate Veterans Day, we pledge our continuing support for the U.S. military and salute the veteran students we have been privileged to serve through the years.”