Wayland offers military students GSRP — a solution during a government shutdown

PLAINVIEW — Because U.S. military personnel will continue to defend freedom even during a looming government shutdown, Wayland Baptist University plans to continue to serve military students too by offering the Government Shutdown Relief Plan (GSRP).

“For decades, Wayland has honored military personnel for their service with special pricing and exceptional service, and today we continue that commitment,” said Dr. Bobby Hall, President.


GSRP helps all active-duty military students by covering the cost of one, three-hour course if Tuition Assistance is canceled due to the U.S. government shutdown. The GSRP applies to courses in Wayland’s Fall 2 session, which begins Oct. 9, 2023.


“Our GSRP allows active-duty military students to confidently continue pursuing a degree during this uncertain time and allows Wayland to continue to serve military students with no disruption to the quality education they have come to expect,” said Dr. David Bishop, Vice President of External Campuses.


GSRP applies to all currently enrolled students who were expecting Tuition Assistance, and to new active-duty military students who want to move forward in their education.

“During this unfortunate time, GSRP will allow active-duty military personnel to continue their education and for Wayland to continue to serve these men and women with a quality education,” Hall added.

For more information about GSRP, go to https://www.wbu.edu/gsrp/index.htm .