Mieth School of Nursing achieves 100% pass rate on NGN NCLEX

SAN ANTONIO – Wayland Baptist University’s Ben and Bertha Mieth School of Nursing has a 100 percent pass rate on the next generation of the National Council Licensure Examination, known as NGN NCLEX.

All seven students passed the test, which requires nursing students to have a deeper understanding and application of the knowledge acquired throughout their nursing education than the old NCLEX, which has been phased out. Also, all seven students are now employed as direct care nurses.

“Each of these students has shown determination and adaptability as they were our first cohort to encounter the newly structured NGN questions,” said Jennifer Becker, MSN, RN, who serves as interim Associate Dean and Clinical Coordinator. “I would like to thank the faculty, administrators, and most of all our students for their perseverance in navigating through uncertain waters as the nursing education world rapidly adapted curriculum, preparation methods and exams to prepare for the NGN NCLEX.”

Becker noted that when a new NCLEX is implemented it’s typical to see a drop in pass rates. “So, this is a great accomplishment,” she said, reflecting on the success of the students as well as the faculty and staff members who guided them.

NGN NCLEX places emphasis on clinical judgment, testing each nursing student’s ability to think critically and make sound decisions in real-world situations. NGN NCLEX requires nursing students to be well-versed in not just the facts, but also the reasoning behind those facts.

Wayland’s nursing students passing the NGN NCLEX include: Julian Applewhite, PCU (progressive care unit), CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital, San Marcos; Virginia Vela, Emergency Department, Methodist Hospital Northeast, San Antonio; Nikole Larsson, Pediatric ICU, Methodist Children’s Hospital, San Antonio; Adela Moyado, ICU, Methodist Main Hospital, San Antonio; Kim Wassenich, ICU, Methodist Main Hospital and Landmark Hospital, San Antonio; Lauren Scrudato, Burn Unit, Methodist Hospital, San Antonio; and Whitley Casas, ICU, Methodist Hospital Stone Oak, San Antonio.

Fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Wayland’s Ben and Bertha Mieth School of Nursing is the only institution in the San Antonio area that offers a Licensed Vocational Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing bridge program. At the graduate level, a Master of Science in Nursing degree is offered.