Wayland alumni and friends set record for donors

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University’s alumni and friends have set a record for the largest number of donors in the school’s recorded history.

With several weeks remaining in the university’s fiscal year, the milestone was reached as contributors showed unwavering dedication to the university by surpassing the previous record set in 2013. This extraordinary achievement during a time of economic challenges is a testament to the strong sense of Pioneer pride that permeates the Wayland family.

“We are absolutely thrilled and deeply moved by the overwhelming support,” said Mike Hammack, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. “Our donors have made this happen.”

The outpouring of generosity of Wayland’s alumni and friends during the past 12 months has not only exceeded expectations but has provided vital resources to enhance educational opportunities for current and future students at all WBU campuses. These contributions support scholarships, programs, improvements, and other initiatives that elevate the quality of the Christian higher education offered.

“To witness the incredible dedication and passion displayed by donors for Wayland is a remarkable thing to see,” said Dr. Bobby Hall, President. “The commitment to supporting the university’s mission and vision in a multitude of ways is inspiring. These contributions toward the stewardship of Wayland enable the university to continue to offer transformational Christian educational experiences to students as they prepare for chosen fields of service.”

Hammack noted that the impact of this historical achievement extends beyond the numbers. Each contribution, whether large or small, represents a shared belief in the power of Christian higher education and the collective responsibility to invest in the future through the students served. Wayland deeply appreciates the commitment and generosity of alumni and friends, whose contributions make a profound difference in the lives of students.

Entering the final weeks of the fiscal year, the university eagerly anticipates continued support as the Wayland family affirms the institution’s position as a leader in Christian higher education.