Wayland students World Champions in business strategy simulation

PLAINVIEW – When it comes to business strategy, four Wayland Baptist University School of Business students are the best in the world among college students.

Diego Cortez, Luis Fernandes, Rene Arturo Nunez Feliz, and Brody Williams earned a No. 1 ranking in The Business Strategy Game. The team competed against 3,840 teams from 245 colleges and universities in 44 countries. Dr. Jason Geesey, Associate Professor of Marketing, served as faculty adviser for the competition.

“The Wayland team combined for an impressive nine Top 100 rankings and a total of six No. 1 rankings in a simulated 10 years of decision making for their fictional business, BRZ Shoes, Inc.,” said Dr. Charles Starnes, Professor of Economics. “They attained the highest possible score for the game. We congratulate the team for earning a No. 1 ranking.”

Some of the competing universities included undergraduate and graduate sections from many of the country’s leading universities, Starnes noted.

This is the second Wayland team in recent years to finish ranked No. 1. Sebastian Tremelot and Jonathan Darnell also attained a No. 1 ranking in the Fall of 2020. Tremelot, a Wayland MBA graduate, has remained in Plainview after graduation, working at the Sherrie King Farmers Insurance Agency. Tremelot worked with Geesey as a team consultant this year.

The Business Strategy Game is a simulation where the students work as an executive team that makes finance, accounting, operations, and marketing decisions for their company. Teams compete as executives for a fictional global shoe company that requires them to manufacture and market the company’s brand in Asian, Latin American, European, and North American markets.

“The overall ranking is based on investor expectations and best-in-industry standards that include earnings per share, return on equity, and stock price,” Starnes said. “They have to strategize their business in distribution, marketing, finance, and operations to become a top performer such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Converse.”

The performance of Wayland’s team reflects on the excellence of the curriculum of the School of Business that fully prepares students for success in their careers, the economics professor said. The students play the game as part of BUAD 4330 Capstone Business Strategy/Business Policy class at Wayland.