Business students conduct curbside residential inspections April 17-21

PLAINVIEW – Students enrolled in Wayland Baptist University’s Real Estate Finance course will conduct curbside inspections of residential areas in Plainview from April 17 through April 21.

The area where property inspections are planned is between Columbia Street and Joliet Street from Seventh Street to 11th Street.

The purpose of the project is to map the appearance and visible condition of homes in Plainview, according to Dr. Charles Starnes, professor of finance in Wayland’s School of Business, who developed the project.

“In cooperation with the City of Plainview, students will evaluate the condition of home exteriors, roofs, yards, driveways, fences and walkways,” Starnes said. “Each property will receive a score from one to four, with four being the highest score.”

After compiling the scores, a map will be color-coded to indicate areas that would benefit from increased homeowner attention or being addressed by city code enforcement officials.

Starnes said the inspections do not require entry onto any property or the inspection of backyards unless clearly visible from the street.

Inquiries the curbside inspection program may be directed to the Wayland Baptist University School of Business at 806-291-1020.