Virtual Military Alumni Reunion kicks off 2023 Wayland Homecoming

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University’s 2023 Virtual Military Alumni Reunion takes place at 5 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 15, via Zoom.

Wayland’s Homecoming takes place Wednesday through Saturday, Feb. 18, and includes the grand opening of the Flying Queens Museum on Saturday, Feb. 18. The Virtual Military Alumni Reunion kicks things off.

“We are excited to have alumni near and far join us in the activities lined up,” said Director of Alumni Services Jeffrey Vera. “Supporting veteran students’ success in post-secondary education is a key component to staying in touch with traditional and non-traditional students within the WBU system.”

Continuously staying in contact with our military alumni is at the forefront for university.

“The Virtual Military Alumni Reunion will provide a time for alumni and current students to connect with others who have served or are currently serving our country from the Wayland alumni family,” Vera said.

Co-hosts will be a conglomerate of former military alumni Ezekiel Allen, Jack De Forrest III, Christine Lockridge, and Vera. Lockridge is the project coordinator of the Virtual Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success.

The registration link for the Virtual Military Alumni Reunion via Zoom is

“We hope to see many of our military Wayland alumni on the Zoom gathering,” Vera said.