Wayland Enactus team installs sixth water bottle filling station

PLAINVIEW – The multi-year go-green initiative of the Wayland Baptist University Enactus team continues to grow with the recent installation of another water bottle filling station.

Enactus team members gathered Nov. 28 on the first floor of Gates Hall to celebrate installation of their sixth water bottle filling station and another step toward providing clean drinking water without increasing plastic waste in the Plainview community.

 “We now have five on campus and one off campus at the local YMCA,” said Jackson Kent, a Wayland student from Houston who serves as president of Enactus. “This is a continuation of our on-going project. The goal is to help provide clean drinking water without increasing plastic waste. In doing our research we found that Plainview has a higher-than-average amount of plastic waste.”

Enactus members collect data on the number of plastic bottles they help save from entry into the waste cycle as well as how many gallons of clean water are provided to the students.

“By installing these water bottle filling stations, we can help to reduce the amount of waste by some degree,” Kent said.

Enactus is an international organization that fosters entrepreneurial action among college students. The organization is open to students of all majors, not just those majoring in business.

“We are geared toward helping students gain experience with entrepreneurship but also with serving and giving back to the community,” Kent said.