Mraovic Posters Selected for International Show

mraovic-postersPLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University professor of graphic arts Dejan Mraovic is once again putting his work on display, this time by having three posters selected for the co|show at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colo.

The co|show is a biennial show held every odd year since 2013. It attracts a remarkable contingent of international graphic designers. This year’s show includes artists from China, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Slovakia and more. Artists submit their work for consideration.

According to the co|show website “the open call for submissions allows a wide variety of content, approach and style.” The result is a culturally diverse exhibition. Organized by the Mesa Emerging Designers and the American Institute of Graphic Arts student group at Mesa University, the goal of the show is to “educate through the visual communication of professional graphic designers worldwide.” Organizers focus on showing the impact of well-designed posters.

Mraovic submitted three works he designed for Wayland, including two show posters for “Into the Woods,” a musical by Stephen Sondheim, and “Bleeding Kansas,” a historical drama. He also submitted the promotional poster for a WBU faculty art exhibit held in 2019.

“Under deans Marti Runnels and Candace Keller, I had the opportunity to create these works with great academic and artistic freedom,” Mraovic said. “That freedom is crucial for my success and my students’ success here at Wayland.”

Mraovic’s “Into the Woods” poster has also been selected for the Poster Stellars 1st Intercontinental Poster Competition in New Jersey. The typographic poster was included among the 12 best North American designers and their 17 best posters from the professional category in the competition. The piece was inspired by Serbian graphic design and typography from the early 1980s, and it incorporates the shape of the trees in the negative space of the letter o in the headline. The shape is sampled from the font Helvetica Bold.

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