More Than 300 Tested for COVID

The Texas Department of Emergency Management tested 309 individuals for the COVID-19 virus at a drive-through service hosted by Wayland Baptist University on Thursday, June 25. U.S. Air Force personnel were on hand to assist with the testing.

Results from the tests will take a few days to process. As of Monday afternoon, the first batch of 70 tests had been returned to the Health Department. According to Wayland nurse Coralyn Dillard who coordinated the event on Wayland's part, anyone who tests positive will be called directly by the Health Department. Other individuals will receive either a text or email with a link to view their test results.

There was more interest in the test than originally expected. Those interested were asked to call a day early to register for the test. However, Dillard said the call center, which handles testing sites throughout the region, was not prepared for the more than 6,000 calls it received last Wednesday. Originally scheduled to run from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., personnel remained at Wayland's testing site until 7 p.m., serving every vehicle that pulled through the line.

As the number of those infected with the virus continues to grow, the Health Department, Department of Emergency Management and Wayland are encouraging people to follow the Center for Disease Control's guidelines, including washing hands regularly, wearing a face covering in public, and maintaining a safe distance from other individuals.