Online Education

Wayland’s “thank you” for our active-duty military members: $250/undergraduate classes, face-to-face or online.

Wayland Baptist University is proud to offer our nation's finest servicemen and women military education online degree programs to help them achieve their educational and vocational goals as they either continue in the military or transition toward civilian life. Our online military education programs are designed to allow our students to excel beyond their current expertise, and to launch them forward into greater application of knowledge and advancement in their careers.

Military Education Online Benefits

With Wayland Baptist University on your side, online military education benefits are easy to take advantage of. We help you understand and maximize your military education benefits, so that you receive a quality education that prepares you for what they don't teach you in training - through qualified, accredited, teaching and hands-on experience.

Air University Military Education Online

Our Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) Program allows Air Force CCAF credit transfer, enabling our USAF students the ability to obtain a Bachelor's Degree with no more than 60 additional semester credits.

Students enroll in the Applied Science major within WBU's Bachelor of Applied Science program. This qualifies as a category one program for all 68 CCAF degree programs.

WBU Meets Military Education Online Accreditation Standards.



The following accreditation criteria are met by Wayland Baptist University, and must be met by all AU-ABC programs:

  • Specific accreditation standards
  • No greater than 60 semester credits post CCAF AAS degree to achieve a bachelor's degree
  • Instruction must be deliverable by distance learning (or by in-class instruction - for instance, at Luke AFB in Glendale, AZ)
  • Military credit application must be maximized
  • Degree programs must be tailored to Air Force specialty


Augment your AU-ABC Military Education Online

Students may augment their Applied Science Degree with other majors in the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree. Other majors in the BAS include:


Some of these additional majors may be completed in just 60 additional hours, depending on one's AFSC.

Military Education Online General Education Core Classes

Our online military education students will study courses in English, history, computer applications, speech, physical education, math, science, political science, and religious history. Courses taken at WBU, at other universities, or fulfilled through testing by CCAF completion may be transferred into this core section.