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Virtual Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success

VA/Military Student Success

College Credit for Military Training

You might be closer to a degree than you think! Wayland offers degree plans that accept military training for college credit. Explore this program to see if it is the best education avenue for you.


VA/ Military Benefits

Navigate your benefit and other funding opportunities here! Find out what benefits you or your dependents qualify for, how to apply for those benefits, as well as general information on benefits.


Military Career to Wayland Degree

Whether you’re looking to build an education that aligns with your military career or jump into a new field, Wayland has a multitude of degree plans to choose from. Check out the possibilities!

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V-CEVSS Mission:

Support military affiliated students engaged in the mission to receive higher education by providing streamlined, comprehensive services through virtually accessible, adaptable, innovative, and collaborative programs designed to enhance each students’ performance academically, professionally, mentally, and spiritually for continued service to God and humankind.

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Office Information


Call or Text: 806-513-5659

Location: Virtual for all WBU campuses and students

Office Hours: CST 

Monday-Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fridays 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

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Christine Lockridge

Personnel: Project Coordinator

Purpose: Project development & liaison for VA students


Call or Text: 806-513-5659

Location: Plainview, TX

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Tania Perez-Orozco, MA, LPC-A

Personnel: Veteran Counselor

Purpose: Mental health & performance support for VA students


Phone: 210-590-5615

Location: San Antonio, TX

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V-CEVSS Support

The Virtual Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (V-CEVSS) provides a comprehensive suite of support services to all VA and military affiliated students no matter where they are located.


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 Performance Improvement

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Individual Session

With veteran and licence professional Tania D. Perez-Orozco, MA, LPC-A

Veteran Counselor | Mental Health and Performance Support

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Moral Injury Seminar

Virtual Seminar | Wednesday, April 10 | 5:30pm CST

Recorded Version | Moral Injury Seminar

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Flag at Wayland
The Veteran Newsletter: Mental Health & Performance 

Difference Between Moral Injury and PTSD

"The effects of trauma are diverse and nuanced. While both Moral Injury and PTSD may result from exposure to distressing events, the diverge in their orgins, symptoms, and treatment approaches."

~ Tania D. Perez-Orozco, MA, LPC-A

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Resources and Guides 

Performance Improvement Guide for Veteran Students

This guide explores how a focus on mental health and performance improvement can assist in navigating the challenges of transitioning from high-structure military life to low-structure academic life. V-CEVSS offers tailored services to meet these needs, addressing the impact of invisible wounds such as PTSD and chronic stress through counseling sessions and support groups.

Guide for Veteran Students

Faculty Guide for Military Affiliated Students

Discover essential insights and best practices for supporting military-affiliated students in academic settings with this comprehensive faculty guide. Learn effective strategies for understanding the unique needs and experiences of these students, facilitating their successful transition from military to academic life, and providing meaningful support throughout their educational journey.

Military Affiliated Student Guide for Faculty


Isakson and Roe Section 1018 Requirements

Cost of attendance information and resources.

See Isakson and Roe Requirements


Established Excellence

Wayland is a faith-based institution focused on academic excellence and was among the first institutions to consider the educational needs of men and women servicing in the U.S. armed services. A legacy continued by offering degree programs in compliance with military education benefits. You will find service men and women from every branch of the armed services taking courses, teaching, and working at WBU.


V-CEVSS Services in Brief 

  • Classes at $250 per credit hour for active duty students

  • Tutors designated and trained to assist VA students and their academic needs

  • Mental health & performance support through counseling services for all VA/military connected students 

  • Mentor program to provide continuous support for VA/active duty students

  • Briefing course designed to prepare VA/military students for academic success

  •  VA student organizations to create a community among all of Wayland's VA/military connected students




Counseling – our mental health counseling service recognizes the uniqueness of each individual’s experiences and concerns. Our Veteran Counselor provide confidential short-term, non-medical mental health counseling to military-affiliated students. Our counselor is licensed and an experienced professional with expertise in military and family life. Clients can trust that they are receiving guidance from a qualified counselor dedicated to their well-being. Recognizing the diverse preferences and needs of our clients, we offer flexible counseling formats, including in-person sessions, and teletherapy.

Tutoring – our tutoring service is dedicated to providing individuals of all ages with a personalized and effective learning experience. We understand that everyone has unique learning styles, challenges, and goals. Therefore, our tutoring program connects students with tutors who tailor their approach to address specific academic needs and foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Academic Accommodations – our academic accommodations services are designed to empower students with diverse learning needs by providing tailored support and accommodations. We understand that each student has unique strengths and challenges, and our program aims to create an inclusive educational environment that ensures equal access to learning opportunities. We start with a thorough assessment of each student’s learning profile. Based on this assessment, we collaboratively develop individualized accommodation plans that address specific learning challenges and optimize the student’s academic experience.

Mentorship – our mentorship service is designed to provide you with a unique and invaluable opportunity for personal and professional development. Rooted in the belief that guidance and support are essential for growth, our mentorship program connects individuals seeking guidance with experienced and accomplished professionals/graduates across various fields.
No--The V-CEVSS Veteran Counselor assists with mental health and performance as well as faculty and staff training on topics impacting military affiliated students. While the Veteran Counselor may assist in general mental health assessments and referrals, they are not affiliated with the VA or authorized to provide VA benefits counseling. There are services that provide assistance with these matters. We recommend reaching out to a Veterans Service Officer (VSO) for assistance with VA benefits. You can find a VSO near you and learn more about their services by visiting this link:   
1. Apply for educational benefits through the VA:

2. Apply to Wayland Baptist University:

3. Connect with your campus’ School Certifying Official (SCO):
Your School Certifying Official (SCO) is your go-to resource for assistance with your educational benefits at Wayland. Each campus has an SCO.
For assistance navigating the VA side of educational benefits, we recommend reaching out to a Veterans Service Officer (VSO). These professionals are well-equipped to guide you through the process. You can find a VSO near you and learn more about their services by visiting this link:
To obtain a transcript from your previous school and have it sent to Wayland, you'll need to directly contact the institution you previously attended. You must provide a transcript from every school you attended even if you’ve failed a class. Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to ensure their authenticity. Unfortunately, transcripts provided by students themselves cannot be accepted. You can usually request your transcript through the previous school's registrar's office or their online transcript request system, if available. Be sure to provide the necessary details, such as your full name, student ID, and any other required information, to facilitate the process smoothly.



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