Government Shutdown Relief Plan

Wayland appreciates our military, and we know you will keep defending our freedoms even during a government shutdown. For decades, Wayland has honored military personnel for their service with special pricing and exceptional service, and today we continue that commitment. You are essential in our eyes.

Due to the looming government shutdown, Wayland has created the Government Shutdown Relief Plan (GSRP). This plan helps all active-duty military students by covering the cost of one, three-hour course if Tuition Assistance is canceled due to the U.S. government shutdown. The GSRP applies to courses in Wayland’s Fall 2 session, which begins October 9, 2023.

Our GSRP allows active-duty military students to confidently continue pursuing a degree during this uncertain time and allows Wayland to continue to serve military students with no disruption to the quality education they have come to expect. The GSRP applies to all currently enrolled students who were expecting Tuition Assistance, and to new activeduty military students who want to move forward in their education.




If I am already enrolled in Fall 2, what steps do I take to receive Wayland’s Government Shutdown Relief Plan (GSRP) for up to three credit hours for Fall 2?

  • If you are already enrolled in a class in Wayland’s Fall 2 session, contact the Business Office representative at your local campus.

If I have neither applied to nor attended WBU before, can I still qualify for Wayland’s GSRP funds for the Fall 2 session?

  • If you have neither applied nor attended WBU, you still qualify for Wayland’s GSRP funds! You can get started by applying for admission here. If you have already applied, contact your local campus for next steps.

Does this apply to or include graduate and doctoral courses?

  • To the degree that your active-duty tuition assistance (TA) is not paid, Wayland’s GSRP funds will cover the cost TA normally would towards a graduate or doctoral course (generally up to $750 per three-hour course).

Will I be responsible for any costs?

  • To the degree your active-duty tuition assistance (TA) is not paid, Wayland’s GSRP funds will cover the cost of your tuition for one course in Fall 2 (up to three credit hours). You are responsible to pay for books and fees and any additional courses. Courses with credit hours that exceed three hours will have only three credit hours covered.

Will there be any payment plan fees or late fees charged?

  • No payment plan fee or late fees will be charged.

What happens if the government shutdown ends during the session and my TA benefits become available?

  • Should the government shutdown end during the session, Wayland will apply allowable TA funds to your account in accordance with federal guidance.

Will I be required to apply TA funds to the cost of tuition if/when those funds become available?

  • If TA funds become available following the government shutdown, it is expected that you will apply for the funds based on federal guidelines issued by the government following the shutdown.

What happens if the government shutdown goes to the end of Fall 2 and no TA benefits are paid for Fall 2?

  • Wayland will cover $250/credit hour up to three credit hours.

To receive Air Force TA funding, must I request by October 2, which is the normal cut off, or can I request it if and when TA becomes available?

  • Wayland will work within the allowances made by the military service branches. If the service branch allows for late application or historical TA, the student will be expected to make application for the Fall 2 courses.

If I decide to drop the class, will I be charged?

  • Should you drop a course before census date, October 16, your Wayland account will not have charges associated with the course applied.
  • Should you drop a course AFTER census date, October 16, the standard WBU tuition refund policy will apply. The cost of books and fees will also be due. See the tuition refund  policy here.
  • Whether a course is dropped before or after census date, no credit check will be issued as a result of this program.

When will Wayland’s GSRP funds be applied to my account?

  • Tuition coverage related to this program will be applied once the federal government announces what actions will be taken related to TA and the timing and impact of those decisions. Should there be no TA for Fall 2, Wayland’s GSRP funds will be applied no later than the end of the Fall 2 session.

I am interested in getting other financial aid to cover my expenses. Who do I talk to?

Will Wayland’s GSRP funds affect or change my other financial aid?

  • Possibly. It is dependent on individual financial aid eligibility and circumstances. Please contact the Financial Aid Advisor at your campus for more details or the main Office of Financial Aid at or 806-291-3520.

Who can I contact to ask more questions?

  • Please contact the Business Office/Financial Aid representative at your campus for more information or contact