Tell Me About the Diploma

A diploma includes the name you indicated on your Application for Graduation form and are distributed to graduates approximately 8 weeks after the end of the graduation semester (i.e., semester in which the final class is completed). Students in the San Antonio metro area are required to pick up their diploma packages at the time they are ready for pick up. The graduation department will notify the graduates through their student email.

The diploma for a bachelor's degree will display only the degree title earned by the student (e.g., Bachelor of Applied Sciences). The major, minor, and any related specialization will be printed on the official academic transcript (e.g., Major: Business Administration, Minor: Occupational Education, Minor Specialization: English Studies).

You may only receive a diploma for the degree under which you are admitted. In other words, in order to receive an Associates of Applied Science degree and diploma, you must have indicated when you originally applied for admission that you wanted an Associate's program or have completed a Change of Degree/Major/Specialization form to add an Associate's program to your degree plan. The latter must be done no less than 8 weeks before you apply for graduation. You can be concurrently enrolled in both a bachelor's and an associate's program.

Diplomas measure 8x10 inches and are accented with blue and gold.