Dr. Henrique Regina


Spring I (2023)

MGMT 5305 Organizational Theory


Spring II (2023)

FINA 3315 Personal Financial Planning

MGMT 5306 Leadership and Management Development


Summer (2023)

MGMT 5325 Organizational Development and Change


Fall I (2023)

MGMT 5305 Organizational Theory

MGMT 5342 Power & Politics in Organizations


Fall II (2023)

FINA 3309 Financial Management

MGMT 5313 Diversity Management 


Biographical Information

Dr. Regina teaches classes in the areas of management, statistics, research methods, financial management (corporate and personal) and Investments. He is the current Executive Director and Dean at the Wayland Hawaii/American Samoa campus as well as an Associate Professor for the School of Business.

Dr. Regina has earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the University of Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil. In December 2000, he concluded the MBA program offered by Hawaii Pacific University with concentration in finance and in 2017 completed the Ph.D. offered by NorthCentral University. His working experiences are in the banking industry, hotel management and higher education institutions administration.

Dr. Regina can be found during his leisure time on the beach surfing or doing others outdoor activities such as tennis, hiking, camping and barbequing with his friends.