VA/Military Benefits


College Credit for Military Training:

You may be closer than you think! At WBU, your military training and experience are worth college credit. Contact your advisor to request an evaluation. Start by ordering a copy of your Military Transcript. Note that most government sites require CAC Card or DS Logon to access information:


Wayland Baptist University was among the first institutions in the country to consider the needs of men and women serving in the United States armed services and offer degree programs in compliance with military education benefits.

Military students are a crucial part of the Wayland family. You will find men and women from every branch of the U.S. armed services taking courses at WBU. Courses are offered at military bases located near several of our campuses, from Alaska to New Mexico, and also online. This makes Wayland a good option for military service members to continue working toward a degree, even if they are relocated during their education.


Wayland Baptist University is grateful for the services provided by our students who are currently in the military and veterans. To help assist these students with paying for higher education, WBU participates in the following military education aid programs:


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(Copy and paste to your WEB Browser. Most military sites require CAC card/DS Logon to access information.)

Reduction in Undergraduate Tuition to $250 per credit hour for face-to-face and online courses. Contact an Advisor for more information. The process for requesting Tuition Assistance (TA) is similar for all services.

  1. Speak with your local Education Office to check your eligibility.
  2. Follow their instructions on requesting TA for the courses you plan to take.
  3. Bring a copy of approved TA to your WBU Advisor and register for courses.

To apply, go to Admissions.

Military Deployment

Thank you for your service! In the event you are faced with an involuntary deployment, contact your advisor as soon as possible so that we may help you through this transition. Let your professor know as well. Although not guaranteed and depending on the length of absence, your professor may be able to give assignment extensions or allow you to work on course requirements while fulfilling your military obligation.

Please contact the Hawaii campus office with any questions: 808-488-8570

As a private institution, Wayland Baptist University does not participate in the Hinson-Hazelwood Act.

*GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at



Virtual Center of Excellence for

Veteran Student Success

V-CEVSS is here to help you boost your academic performance and well-being. Access free mental health counseling, seminars, tutoring, and join a supportive virtual community tailored for veteran and military-affiliated students.

Learn more about V-CEVSS