Graduation FAQs

Fall 2016 Graduation

Graduation is a time of celebration. It is a time of recognition for accomplishing a task that many begin and not all finish. It is important to make sure that you have met all graduation requirements. Please consult the information on this page to ensure your preparation for graduation.


How long does it take from the time I submit the application to the confirmation that I will graduate?

When will I know if I got honors recognition?

Tell me about the graduation ceremony.

When will I get the announcements I ordered?

Tell me about the diploma.

What can I do if lose or damage my diploma?

When can I get transcripts?

What is a "Letter of Completion"?

What if I am too late for this graduation and can't wait for the next one?

How long does it take to confirm graduation?
It takes approximately 4 weeks after the completion of your final session to confirm graduation. The graduation application is completed while you are enrolled in GRAD 0001 Senior Seminar (associate's and master's degree students confer with their academic advisor). The course instructor will guide you through the process and submit all applications to the university registrar for review and calculation of your final GPA.

When will I know if I got honors recognition?
Honors designation is determined the week before the graduation ceremony, based on academic standing. Please note that only bachelor's degree candidates are eligible for honors.

Tell me about the graduation ceremony.
The commencement ceremony features a keynote speaker, music, special awards, and the presentation of degrees. An informal reception with light refreshments follows the ceremony. Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes early. The entire ceremony and reception lasts about 1½ hours.

Graduates MUST arrive at the commencement location no later than 8:00 a.m. This allows time for professional photographs, veteran cord distribution, and instruction on the line of march and the presentation of degrees.

How do I order announcements?

Students may order graduation announcements or other graduation items through the Wayland Baptist University Josten’s store ( 

Tell me about the diploma.
A diploma includes the name you indicated on your Graduation Application form and is distributed to graduates approximately 8 weeks after the end of the graduation semester (i.e., semester in which the final class is completed). Students in the Hawaii area are required to pick up their diploma packages at the Kapolei campus when notified by email.

The diploma for a bachelor's degree will display only the degree title earned by the student (e.g., Bachelor of Applied Science). The major, minor, and any related specialization will be printed on the official academic transcript (e.g., Major: Business Administration, Minor: Applied Science, Minor Specialization: English Studies).

You may only receive a diploma for the degree under which you are admitted. In other words, in order to receive an Associate of Applied Science degree and diploma, you must have indicated when you originally applied for admission that you wanted an Associate's program or have completed a Change of Degree/Major/Specialization form to add an Associate's program to your degree plan. The latter must be done no less than 8 weeks before you apply for graduation. You can be concurrently enrolled in both a bachelor's and an associate's program.

Diplomas measure 8x10 inches and are accented with blue and gold.

When can I get transcripts?
One complimentary official transcript is included in each diploma package. Additional transcripts may be ordered at a cost of $5 each by creating a Parchment account (  Transcript requests submitted before or immediately following the graduation date should be marked "Hold for Degree Posting."

The posting date of the degree will be the last day of the graduation term. This is also the deadline to have all Wayland coursework completed. Degrees will be posted to the transcripts several weeks following the end of the term.

What is a "Letter of Completion"?
A Letter of Completion is available by request to provide proof of completed coursework and impending degree confirmation. Potential graduates who have completed their coursework, are in good standing with the university, have applied for graduation, and have a $0 balance may request a Letter of Completion to submit for job procurement or advancement, admission into a master's program, candidacy for military advancement, etc. Letters are requested through a WBU advisor and are usually available within 10 days.

Letters of Completion will NOT be issued within 4 weeks of the end of the semester or following the graduation semester.

What can I do if I lose or damage my diploma?
Contact Kristi Moore in the registrar's office to order a duplicate diploma ( Duplicate diplomas cost $50 each and are processed within 4-6 weeks.

What if I am too late for this graduation ceremony and can't wait for the next one?
Wayland designates graduation posting dates in December, May and July so that graduates do not have to wait until a graduation ceremony to receive their degree. Check with an advisor for the next available graduation posting date you can apply for.

If you will be unable to attend your assigned graduation ceremony, you may request to "walk only" in an earlier ceremony.