Student Services

At Wayland, we want to make your transition into education as easy as possible. We offer several services that will help make the most of your education.

  • Blackboard Learning Portal
  • Student email accounts: Every student at WBU receives a free Wayland email account.
  • Library: We have an excellent library with online availability of articles and publications to use in your research.
  • Writing Center: Need help writing a paper? Set up an appointment with the writing center to find out more about style guides and writing techniques that will make you a success in the classroom.
  • Career Placement: We offer Career Counseling and Placement services for all our students.
  • Financial Aid: We work with all students to ensure they receive the most generous Financial Aid package available. All our financial aid forms are available online.
  • Transcripts: The Office of the Registrar is ready to assist you if you need a copy of your transcript.
  • University Store: Textbooks and Wayland gear can be purchased online from the University Store.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Wayland office nearest you for further information.
  • Alaska Student Grievances and Appeals