Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum eligibility requirements to be a student member of SHRM?

You qualify for student membership if:

  • You are enrolled in at least 6 semester hours as a degree-seeking student.
  • Your coursework, taken or planned, demonstrates an interest working with people and knowledge of HRM in organizations.

What does a Student Chapter of SHRM do?

The Student Chapter of SHRM seeks to advance the professional knowledge and opportunities for its members in the filed of HRM. Additionally, the Student Chapter conducts professional development workshops and seminars to campus students to assist in job search preparation skills. Finally, the Student Chapter is involved with Anchorage community activities. The Student Chapter is a student-lead organization that meets once a month. The Chapter invites local HR professionals to address current HRM issues in the filed. Beyond the regular monthly meetings, the Chapter members participate in Anchorage SHRM activities and training and conduct HR tours of organizations. These activities provide excellent opportunities for Chapter members to establish meaningful networks within the Anchorage HRM community.

How does student chapter membership differ from regular professional membership?

Professional membership is designed for individuals currently working in the HR field. Student membership is designated for individuals exploring human resource management and preparing to enter into a HRM, business, or management profession. Student and HR professional receive the same benefits in their membership with SHRM, such as subscription to the HR Magazine, HR News publications, and access to in-line HR resources. The big benefit to join as a student is the cost.

Will membership in SHRM help me find a job after graduation?

YES!!! Job search books and placement studies provide evidence to the success student membership has in finding a job. Currently 67% of the jobs are found through personal contact (networking). A student membership affords opportunities to meet and development relationships with numerous HR professionals.

I am not majoring in Human Resource Management. How will a membership in SHRM benefit me?

One of the key successes in any type of management field is good interpersonal communication skills. Participating in the Student Chapter provides opportunities to develop critical skills necessary to succeed in any organization. In addition, many of the employment issues and practices covered by the Student Chapter, such employee motivation, violence in the workplace, employee discipline, are relevant in all organization both profit and not-for-profit.

How much does it cost to join the Student Chapter of SHRM?

National student membership dues are $40 per year.  The national membership also allows student members to join the Anchorage SHRM membership at no cost. Benefits received for national SHRM membership include: subscription to the HR Magazine, HR News publications, and access to in-line HR resources.

Can I join as a member of the Student Chapter if I am not a full-time student?

YES!!! Students attending other colleges that do not have a Student Chapter can be a member of the Anchorage Campus Student Chapter.

What happens when I graduate as a student member?

When you graduate your membership with SHRM continues until the next renewal date. However, as a member of the Student Chapter we ask graduating students to stay active with the Chapter. The opportunities to network with Anchorage HR professionals will assist in making job connections.

If there is no Student Chapter of SHRM at the college I attend, can I still be a member of the Anchorage Campus Student Chapter?

YES!!! You will be considered a member-at-large which means you are not an assigned to a specific student chapter. Your student SHRM membership application would have 5000 written in the Student Chapter space. However, as a member-at-large you are consider a full member of the Anchorage Campus Student Chapter and welcome to participate in chapter events.