Best Achievement Strategies for College


Basc is for Everyone

Wayland Baptist University is committed to your success and to the quality of your
education. Getting off on the right foot is a critical part of succeeding in college.
Wayland’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is designed to provide essential skills to
help you achieve your goal of earning a degree. You will take the course entitled
Best Achievement Strategies for College (BASC 1200 or BASC 1201) during your first
term at Wayland. The course is designed to help get you connected to faculty and other
students with similar academic interests as you develop a mindset and plan for success
at Wayland. You will also have the opportunity to translate Wayland’s mission of service
to God and humankind into action. Develop a mindset that will define your goal of degree completion. Identify potential majors that connect with your career goals.Eliminate potential fears that can hinder collegiate success. Develop a strong sense of servant leadership that relates to your personal values.