Thank You Notes For Donors

Welcome to the Office of Advancement Thank-You Note Sessions. In order to register for one of the four sessions offered in October, you will need to create an appointment within a special TYN Sessions schedule located in WCONLINE. Below are instructions on how to make your appointment.
If you are not already registered with WCONLINE, see the following link for instructions on how to register for an account:

Step 1

Once you log in to WCONLINE, navigate your cursor to the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Thank You Note Schedule Instructions

Step 2

In the dropdown menu, choose the “Office of Advancement TYN Sessions” schedule.

Thank you notes sessions step 2

 Step 3

In the “Office of Advancement TYN Sessions” schedule, navigate your cursor to the smaller calendar tab, at the top of the schedule, and select October 4.

Step 3 for setting up appointment

Step 4

Now click any of the white spaces available in the October 4, 7, 9, or 11 rows and an appointment box will appear. You will need to fill out each of the required fields with red asterisks with either a “TYN” or “NA.” Next click “Save Appointment” at the bottom of the appointment box.

Step 4 for Scheduleling an appointment

Your appointment will show up in yellow. However, please disregard the hour associated with your appointment in WCONLINE; the actual hours for these sessions are listed in your email.

Step 5 for scheduling an appointment

Note: You can locate the final session schedule, on October 11, by clicking on the “Next Week” at the top of your screen.

Step 6 for scheduling an apointment