Homecoming Royalty Nomination 2019

•  Students wishing to run for homecoming king (males) and queen (females) must be sponsored by an organization, office or academic school and submit an application. The application fee is $20 (payable by the sponsoring entity) and deadline to submit is Friday, Oct. 11. Students will not be added to the ballot until the entry fee has been paid.
•  Nominees are introduced and voting is conducted during the Friday Homecoming Chapel service on Nov. 1. Nominees will also be found on the homecoming website closer to the homecoming weekend. Nominees will be introduced at halftime of Saturday's football game on Nov. 2 and the winner announced then.
•  Nominees are not required to wear formal attire for the half-time presentation but may do so if they wish. Nice Sunday dress is acceptable. Shoes must be flat with no spiked heels.
•  Both male and female winners receive a $150 scholarship applied to their WBU student account.

Please indicate the candidate's full name.
Please provide the candidate's working email address.
Please provide the candidate's working cell phone number.
Please tell us the name of the organization that is submitting this candidate.
Wayland Account
If you wish to by pay check, please mail to CMB 1291.
If you are paying with WBU account, please provide the full account number information.
Please indicate the candidate's major.
Please indicate the relationship of the escort to the candidate.